Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stuck - Image Template

Studies 6 - Stuck

I Am Stuck-Centering Rows

This is so very frustrating. Am trying to center six images into two rows of three in each row using native code. Like a six pack looking from the top. It's not working for me, so will keep at it. Will review to see what I am missing. Have a bunch of chores and at least a bit of exercise. For now, I am going to eat and take it from there. Did go down into another blog here at LonsLens to do some editing with new css styles that I have learned: indenting and stuff. Looks the same but is much more tidy and readable. Am using an internal style sheet when building these posts. There are three ways to add CSS styles to a webpage: Inline, internal, and external.

  1. Inline:
  2. Internal: will define these later. I tried to write these definitions, yet need to learn more.
  3. External:

Know what I did wrong with the construction of my image gallery page. Now to go back through the html and css to reorganize it. The project was not sized correctly. Nothing would fit.The time is 0900 hrs. Am going to post this onto my social media profiles to request assistance. It would be really "nice" for a computer code "super-duper" expert to help out, hey? Using native code is really cool.

Ate a couple burritos and took a nap. Woke up at around 1600 hrs and managed a single tiered image gallery. A two-tiered gallery is what I am going to build but am forgetting just one "key" concept. I have learned it and will go back over the lessons. Anyway an image of the single tiered gallery is below.

As a credit to the many people whom were kind enough to post the information that enabled me to learn, am posting the text files I typed up to build the image gallery below. In addition, I will have a source to reference as part of my portfolio. Hopefully, when moving up. The important thing is that information be free and accessible to all. Products and individual efforts by someone for profit are obviously entitled to copyright protection. Yaaay!! Hard work should pay off. The ultimate goal behind all of this work? To create my own collection or package I could call this; empty image gallery containers that are ready to be used. Nothing fancy, just a photographer (me) adding images into pre-made displays. A ready-to-use collection consisting of single image displays, two image displays, and so on.

HTML Source

Below is simple html source used as the base anchor for the image gallery above. Took me a while to learn yet it is very simple. To see an example of the very difficult native source code which Blogger has provided for its users... click on the image below to view a larger resolution. While viewing the larger image, use the scroll wheel inside the mouse. There is a button in the upper right of the larger image page that will close the view, so that you are still using this page. All provided by Blogger for "free" and not "simple" in the least.

CSS Style

Below is simple css style used as the accent for the base anchor html above. One (me) has to pay very close attention when texting native code. This took me a while to learn yet it is very simple, Blogger's "free" goodies notwithstanding.

A shout out to the man that runs the little web hut. Am headed back to his YouTube channel as soon as I have this posted. The man at thenewboston website deserves his own shout out. Thanks for all the tutorials guys. Am headed back into the tutorials that both of these men offer for "free." To review my pages and correct my mistakes. Would like to have two tiers or rows of three images each. Am certain this has been explained in the tutorials, am going to try one more thing, and take care of some chores. Yet irregardless, this is only the beginning of my studies. W3 schools is a great resource, also. Made my first JS button for active viewer response using their first example.


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