Sunday, August 28, 2016

Going Native -Learning

Going Native - Sabbath Study

Sabbath Study - Learning

Have to learn to budget my time better. Am trying to keep these posts in sequence, am trying to capture a few quality images each day, and am keeping my apartment together. Plus have to keep up with my native source studies. Sheesh, time sure flies if one must sleep. And today is Sabbath which I just recalled to mind. Have been very busy. I want to look at Isaiah 13 today if remembering. And have decided to examine Psalms 40 in depth also. Today, Tuesday, 30 August 2016, I have decided to attempt a post about only one species of my cactus: Echinopsis chamaecereus. Also known as peanut cactus. Yesterday, was MacroMonday and MonochromeMonday on Google Plus. They are two communites I have joined. I shared an image last week of

Above is the desert evergreen that I shared to Monochrome Monday and the evergreen has not been identified yet. It is not a yucca plant. Do not know what they did on Google Plus but I do not like the new format for telephones. The pictures are cropped to fit telephones, they are cropping my images, so will use sites that present my images the way I captured the image. I will crop my photos if needed, myself.

Yep, have been into Google Plus a couple of times.Today is the 31st of August,2016, Even the way I use the mouse for responsive actions, is like a cell phone toy. People have figured out how to load images at 3(x) by 2(y) ratio, yet the images are way too small. And the way that people interact with a post is really messed up. If you make a comment it involves too much baloney. Instead of just commenting you are opening a window and it is very messy. Instead of trying to improve Google Plus, the techies have tried to re-invent the site for a cell phone. All I can say is that I will continue to make and receive telephone calls on my cell. When I am away from the R.A.M. and CPU speed of my computer, am conducting business and don't have time to play games on my cell phone.

Am guessing that kids whom are not involved with things when they are "out" have time to view the Internet on their phone.And/or people are saving money by purchasing a cell phone toy and using it as a computer instead of the real thing. I can understand saving money, yet when saving money I am saving purchase something to improve my lot in life... instead of stagnating with second-best. Many people are using cell phones yet I do not understand why they would do this at home. Plus, I am going to study up on privacy expectation on cellphones as it relates to legal responses to privacy invasion on cellphones. When people are using wifi with their cell phones, do they have the right to an expectation of privacy? Turns out when I re-booted, Google automatically toggled me to the new cell phone Google, so I guess I still have the option of using Classic Google Plus. Now I know what people are seeing on the new Google Plus -- my feeling still stand-- even though I toggled back to Classic. If cell phone baloney is what folks are seeing when I post an image... will stick with flickr and Blogger. Will just keep working with photography webpages and sites. Google Plus has about as much of my participation as Twitter. I go into Twitter about once a month, if that.

Today, 1 August 2016, Thursday. I went over to IE11 using a Yahoo browser. Have gone back to Google. There is currently nothing better than the combination I am using when on Google. YouTube functions properly, too. One of the major drawbacks on Yahoo was its abitlity to keep up with just an average texting speed. They have it timed for a one-finger peck. When typing on a real keyboard Yahoo just could not keep up.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Going Native - Flower ImagesII

Going Native - Flower Images II

Going Native - Flower Images II

Had a nice sleep and am going to load some more images from my walk on Wednesday. Am thankful to have looked "up." One of the important things in tree photography, to me, is foliage as well as any flora. Makes indentifcation much less time consuming. This tree and flower are Chilopsis linearis ssp. arcuata, commonly named "Desert Willow" because of its leaves.

Have more images of desert willow to add as time permits me.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Going Native - Flower Images

Going Native - Flower Images

Going Native - Flower Images

Went to the docs on Wednesday, 24 August 2016. Did a lot of walking and unexpected image gathering including one of my favorite flowers, Mexican Bird of Paradise. Ate and then had a deep solid sleep. Right now it is 0500 hrs, Friday, 26 August 2016. Am getting my day organized and thoughts together to post some of the images I captured while out on Wednesday. Am going to accomplish household chores and decide how to present my floral images. It is 1750 hrs and am going to post a few flower images.

Mexican Bird of Paradise

This shrub is very resistant to heat. Am sure it needs moderate water, yet it thrives in our 40 degree Celcius direct sunlight. The temperature during the summer months is usually around 120 Fahrenheit plus/minus.

The above image is a capture of a Mexican Bird of Paradise raceme (the type of bud and flower arrangement) from directly above. There are also clear examples of its foliage.

The example displayed above is at eye-level looking straight across the plant horizontally. The shrubs are exceptionally beautiful and ornate given the proper care.The third image of Mexican Bird of Paradise is captured looking upward from a standing position.

I have quite a few more images of different things to add. Am very tired at this point and am going to bed for a well deserved rest.

Had a nice sleep. Right now, it is 0700 hrs, Saturday, 27 August 2016. It rained today so no need to water outside.Here are more images from the 25th..

Praying Mantis

Below is one of my favorite image captures because the sun is striking her body just right. She was watching my every move. I could see the black dots that indicate the center of her eyes clearly. Every time I moved, they followed. Was disappointed not to have a nice treat for her to munch, sitting there waiting must be difficult. Prowling around for dinner.

This lady caught me by surprise. As soon as I saw her, I got so excited. Have never taken a photo of a praying mantis. She sat there for about five minutes without moving, except for a head tilt every now-and-then

Seeing this mantis taught me. Pay attention to my surroundings and stay prepared because timing and opportunity may only come once. Am going to update my photo bag equipment. Will include containers for cactus fall offs, containers for unique stone specimens, and pens and pencils to go along with the paper I always keep on hand. Always have a water bottle.

Tecoma Stans

Mayan Gold

There are two different types of this plant that I have seen here. Below is a yellow named "Mayan Gold." Thinking about the name... this would be an extra-ordinary color for a piece of jewelry.

Orange Jubilee

The other is named "Orange Jubilee". Both can be a shrub or tree depending on how it is kept. By trimming and maintenance these plants can be modified to suit each gardener's taste.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Going Native - Maintaining Sequence

Maintaining Sequence

Maintaining Sequence

Am posting this just to keep the daily sequence. "Each" day I want a post. Have decided on custom buttons for my local project, "Letters To The Seven Cities in Revelation." This is the title which I finally decided to use. It is my own project and don't want to make this the focus of my learning native code and HTML markup because this revolves around my photography. Am bound and determined to post daily.Captured a screen shot of this post to add underneath this paragraph.

At the moment am cleaning and prepping for an appointment. Want the house buffed so that when I return home am right to the computer to continue this post. Am going to capture some flower images while out for a couple of Google Plus Communities... FloralFriday is one. Captured quite a few nice images today while I was out. Below, is a praying mantis on the prowl. Titled, "Hello Down There."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Going Native-Motivation and Planning

Motivation and Planning

Motivation And Planning


Do not know why, yet am feeling quite motivated. Yesterday, I actually took some photographs and loaded some others that were on my camera along with the new photos into my computer.It is 0430 hrs. and I am out of here. Going to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. This is my first visit so it is really a recon.

Wanted to make certain to get this image up and the blog posted so the date is sequenced. This is out my front door. The tree is blocking direct sunlight and I think it looks nice. Have a symmetric minimal abstract below. It is a focus on the complexity of the circles.

Was planning on a big day, yet fell asleep and slept like a baby for eight hours. The time is 1907 hrs. Am thankful. There has to be some photo ops. even at this time of day. It is sunset. Went outside to check the sunset and being almost dark there was nothing spectacular.

On a side-note, the couches from the homeless camp that the police and neighborhood closed down are finally loaded and gone. I have been putting four couches a week into the dumpster... two at a time. Will try to get a photo tomorrow at day light. There is a vacant four-plex up the street (vacant because it is impregnated with asbestos) and the homeless had started living there. In six months the place would have been a drug haven, so after the home owners complained enough, the police evicted the homeless people. The owners of the vacant property were called in to remove the assorted couches and matresses. They came at night, and carried a lot of the stuff down to my apartment and left it next to our dumpster. One of the double-sized matresses they left as garbage was hauled off by someone whom wanted it. I was left with couches and three box springs. Two-weeks ago. This Friday the last of the couches will be tipped and on the way to the dump.Finally captured an image. Wanted to have evidence.


In order to write a decent website, am going to have to lay some organised groundwork.Need to have images ordered and chosen for each page. Are my pages going to be tabs or clickable links. Have to have buttons drawn and sized for when I am able to use JavaScript. Found inspiration for buttons the other day. Thumbnails is next on the list. Maybe some type of tying logo/index logo?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Going Native - Change of Plans

Change Of Plans

Change Of Plans

Got myself dressed and ready to go watch the sun rise at The Henderson Bird Viewing Sanctuary and changed my mind. Will go tomorrow morning I suppose.Today, 22 August 2016, Monday. Motivation down low. Blahs! Have to try to stick with plan of one blog a day.Wrote a whole sentence yesterday I see. Hooray for me,... Not. Anyone can do that.It is 2254 hrs. and just woke up. Am headed to get the other half of my beauty sleep.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

After Reviewing Going Native

After Review Thoughts

After Review Thoughts

After review, I learned that even with glasses it is almost impossible for me to read my books. Secondly, developing a Webpage using divs and blocks of color is a lot different after elements are added into those properties. Nothing fits in the box models correctly. Am just going to write my material, and then, put my Webpage together because this is fun. Publishing before the log post is done, will ensure that I can start having consecutive days represented on the date roll-over. I will work on developing a Webpage as long as I need to in order to post an image in this daily log. I have nothing better to do this Friday night and I really enjoy this blogging in code.

Planning is important I am seeing. I need images and am going to construct some kind of timeline. Wow. Work. haha. Yet a lot of fun. Have read the Wikipedia site about Ephesus

Am dtermined! Will use my magnifying glass to read the HTML. Have an assignment for the weekly photo challenge to complete this evening. The theme is sporting equipment and I figured out my image. Will share as soon as I am able. The time right now is 1630 hrs on 20 August 2016. have to eat lunch and ride the bus.Captured the image and a nice flower too. It is 2035 hrs. Not bad.

The above image is a jungle gym at a local park. Hope this satisfies the sports equipment theme.Am thinking it should, sports are sports. Have an image of lunch too. Meat and eggs.

This was a delicious lunch. Would have liked some crisps to go with the meal. And I saw this Crepe Mrytle shrub on the way to the bus stop and wanted to share. Quite a unique flower. Difficult to identify the common parts, like individual petals, reproductive organs, sepals.

Submitted this image to the Google + Photographer's Community. Hope they like it. Of course, I submitted the image to flickr Have had a flickr account for over five years, and have added some very nice images. I love photography.Crepe Myrtle is native to Southeast Asia as well as the Indian sub-continent. I believe this speciment to be an example of Lythraceae Lagerstroemia indica and it has adapted well to our Mojave Desert climate. This plant rarely receives a regular watering, stands about two feet tall, and is in a sidewalk planter. Am extremely hopeful that Going Native will enhance my ability to share my images and give me more exposure.Have just opened an account on Smugmug, yet need to learn more about that site. This image above isn't nice enough. The photographers on are very high-caliber so only the best will be put up by me, anyway. Almost forgot, my peanut cactus has a blossom. If it is still going to bloom tomorrow, will include an image on my Sabbath post.Yaaaay! Peanut Cactus is so beautiful and so very drought tolerant and hardy in this dry heat.

Am going to a local bird preserve this morning as the sun rises.The time is 0300 hrs during Sunday morning on 21 August 2016. Have researched the place and there appear to be many photo ops. Basically there are man-made open bodies of water for wild birds to use during migration. Water is so very scarce in this area with Lake Mead being at such a low level. Need to do more research to find exactly what the goals of the bird reservation people are hoping to accomplish.

Am impressed. The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve sounds awesome. I have seen a photo on that shows the Frenchman's and Sunrise Mountains from an angle I have never captured. The City managed preserve opens at 0600 A.M. and I have to sign in. Am not going to carry my tripod, yet will take binoculars along with my Canon and longer lens. Will fill in the details after I return home.Was sitting here putting on my boots getting ready, and am afraid this will have to wait. Am tired.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Refreshing Knowledge

Review Of HTML

Review Of HTML

Have decided to spend this afternoon (it is 01530 hrs. 19 Aug 1016 Friday.) reviewing HTML tags and formatting. A good reminder.

Update: 21 November 2016

Refreshing is what it is all about. Have committed a bunch of stuff to memory, yet need to "refresh" this old brain every now and then in order to speed recall. It is really quite simple. Have been posting quite a bit, especially about quick and easy food to make while inside my computer. This keeps my belly (stomach actually. I do lots of sit-ups). full and comfortable, yet doesn't mess up my train of thought.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Practise Inside Blogger

CSS Practice Inside Blogger

Practice Inside Blogger

Have gotten deeper into review. Like linking to my own webpages as well as linking to other's pages.Also, added an outside study to Blogger, but the elements were written in standardized syntax and my upload interfered with Blogger's template. Didn't look good at all. So for the time being, am going to just put up logs with screenshot images.For instance, the image below is a rough draft of what I am working on inside my own machine outside of my CSS and html studies.

I really do like the color scheme being used because it is pleasant to the eye, but it is getting difficult to read as more text is added. Plain black and white is out. Need to find a combination that works well for texting my information.UPDATE: 18 August 2016 Thursday. Have had a bit of studying, and have gotten basic web page development under control. Am going to go get something to eat and will be back with an example using the page posted above. This way the differences will be obvious.

Here it is. My first webpage. Yaaay. 18 August2016 Thursday. It is just a simple draft, yet can do about anything to it. One thing that really helped is float. It isn't float to the top of the page... it's floating up. Like up into a second level. And a lot of times my footers were underneath my floating properties.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Going Native 1

Not Ready

I Am Not Ready

Learned today 15aug16 that I am not ready to move into JavaScript. Have a lot more html and css to learn. Went into W3schools. Need to learn more about adding CSS style and how it works with the box model. Need practice. So this task is what I will spend today doing. Tonight when I update the log post, hopefully I will have something new to post that I learned today. So far am working on floating images into text.

"Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything." William of Ockham (1285-1349) Got it!! Thanks to W3schools was able to swing three more images into my image gallery. Below is the rough draft without borders or background. Am tired. So will not complete the edit until tomorrow.Yep, will work on ///C:/

Going Native - Sabbath Post

Going Native - Sabbath Post

Sabbath Post

This is a big day for me. Along with my study of Christ's Seven Letters to the Churches in Revelation, have decided to commit the studies to my first webpage. Am building this on my local drive until I can afford an account to have my own domain. Three of about ten primary sources for my studies in Revelation are the Holy Bible, Koinonia House YT videos and this website.

My brother's have spoken of and I will look at this homepage in a few minutes. Google has a site to help me. There are many things yet to learn before I am qualified to put my thoughts up onto our web. A whole list if I am to write my own site and not rely on someone else's templates, for instance. There are many machines that can view web sites that have to be considered. Accessibility is most important. And some folks are running different versions of windows; older versions display sites differently than newer versions. Network speed has to be considered also. Different factors that need to be developed, by me, in order to have a quality site. And am still learning to float different portions parts of my page to where they belong. So anyway, I have a long way to go before I am ready to have a site.

This afternoon, my focus will be the letter to the Ephesians at the beginning of Revelation Chapter 2. I have plenty of jumbled up notes that need to be committed to html. This will take plenty of work and time. This is where I am this Sabbath.Am looking at stuff to build my own pages, and it seems to all be cell phone orientated. Am wondering why? Can't see anything on a cell. Nor can one hear anything on a cell, unless tiny ear-piece speakers are added. I could listen to audio on a cell without having to bother looking at the screen. For me, this would be best.

Am going through W3school's html text formatting section. Reminding myself and having a review. Been looking at the "review" for 30 minutes. There is a bunch of stuff for my to learn. Buttons, forms, and other stuff. Will spend time on this, and think I will go through the CSS list of topics also.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Going Native-My Locals

My Own Works

My Own Work

Have been studying for hours on end. Very fun stuff,... would rather do native source coding than watch videos. Which is unique for me. This is extra-ordinary, and I have started into JavaScript. Am sure this is very complex: statements, variables and functions. Began looking at "if" and "if/else" statements (?) today. There are calls, passes, and parameters that I am beginning to grasp. Operation assignments were started last night and spoken about again this morning.They are very straight forward: if something is equal then an operation takes place. Then, there is -=,+=,*=, /=, and ,<=,>=. The symbols are self-explanatory, yet, am glad the videos are up so that they can be re-examined. Sheesh. Another few days and I might have a better grasp. We shall see./p>

The reason that I am studying all of this stuff is to interact with the Internet closely, getting more involved is my goal. Am going to go out flower shopping today, in an attempt to get some nice images up on Smugmug. So far I have only added three Mojave Twilight images. Need more quality images to create the quality galleries. And, I have a study to continue locally (which means it is inside my own machine) that I have been neglecting to learn native source code. This is fine because without the source code my blog won't look good, viewers will not be able to interact with my pages, and my pages will not be "responsive" (if I ever get pages up on a site). Responsive means that viewers will be a "part" of my stuff. When they move their mouse or fingers the site will be active. It will encourage viewers to interact with the information I am sharing with them. In order for folks to enjoy my stuff I need JavaScript. This is the only way I know to explain it to myself.

Plus, writing all this out in here helps sort all of my mental activity. Let me just say that this native source coding has really shaken my brain awake! Am very excited. Would like to tell my brothers but both of them are programmers already which means they know exactly how I feel. Am going to share this address with Jacqueline, my Australian friend, my very best friend. And any others I can think about. Have looked at my Statistics tab and do not know if anyone reads this (except for two or three posts, so far). I have heard that websites have "bots" which are written programs to go to a persons site to create stats. This is whom I think is reading all of this because no one leaves comments. Darn it. Yet, it is because my pages do not encourage readers to participate. I plan on a JavaScript remedy. Also, I need to work on my Sabbath Study for tomorrow. After going for a few groceries, and finding some decent flowers for images, I will be back. The cat is inside and sleeping. The image below is "Tom" my friend, a socialized feral cat. He is over a year old but probably less than two years old.

Anyway, This is Tom. This particular day he was interested in my camera instead of his normal ignore. He just decided to adopt me one day... walked right inside. I had a can of food and he has stayed ever since.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Studies 6 - JavaScript

Going Native-JavaScript

Knew It Was Coming

The third big step, from where I was standing at least, in blogging with native code is JavaScript. Have been seeing hints in text, hearing hints in the video, and now in the video series I am watching, JavaScript has been introduced. Sheesh. The time is about 1756 on 11aug16.Have some stuff to do, and needed to get my daily log blog posted. Just picked up my mail, and purchased tobacco (a big project). In addition, I posted two images onto Google Plus and one of the viewers said one of the images looked like dog poop~!! So am upset. Will go get milk, and bread before retaking the image. Below is an image of my one month's supply of tobacco.

One pound of weed for the month with an extra-large supply of rolling papers and a butane lighter. Says pipe tobacco yet is just plain shredded raw tobacco with no flavor. The rolling papers are sold in a strong, easy-to-use packets; 115 papers in each. The papers are chemical free and are different from packaged cigarettes. The rollies do not burn evenly, go out continuously, and a lot of time the glue does not adhere. Guessing, I would say that one-third of the papers end up in the waste bin unused.One lighter lasts just about one month, a bit less coincidentally. All calculated I spent just under $30 U.S. Dollars for a one month's supply.

There was big debate about second-hand smoke months ago in the news and on talk shows everywhere. It is very funny that now with the new taxes that have been imposed on smokers, this debate has disappeared.I find it strange, personally. Everyone should be able to see it. Look around, there is no debate now. There was no real discussion about the legal implications of the Federal Government imposing such a tax at a local community level. The tax was just "accepted" like a foregone conclusion. Because everyone else was getting cancer from cigarettes they should be taxed.Yet, I think the real discussion should have been about automobile exhaust poisons being pumped into the air. I feel that car exhaust is second-hand smoke. Hmmm.

Included in today's mail is an Ikea mailer. A full catalog just like Sears used to mail in the old days. This is a great idea on the part of this company. They have excellent products for sale, and I have never had occasion to shop at one of their showrooms. It just so happens that I am in desperate need of furniture, so who knows?

Now that I have shared images which I had intended to include earlier, but fell asleep... it is time to get back to my source code studies. Am at a beginner's level using JavaScript and the tutor I am blessed to have on YouTube just moved to that area. Seems complex, yet it is fun. Turns out the computer is just one big calculator, literally.

  • Single-line comments:
  • Multi-lined comments:
  • Statements:
  • Assignment operators: when a variable has been assigned the operator tells the what the variable has been assigned "to", the operator tells it what to do.
  • Variables: can equal basic whole numbers, fractions of whole numbers, negative whole numbers and fractions of negative whole numbers,
  • Strings:
  • Escape Characters:
  • Functions: basically a mini-program.

Am going to attempt to put a function into Blogger using what I learned today. This is kind of fantastic stuff to learn. Wowzers! If necessary the function may be the topic of my next post. This is so cool.Went back to set up to watch the video again and decided that I won't try JavaScript because I do not know if it is okay with the Blogger folks. We are allowed to use html/css because this is clearly identified with the button at the upper-left. Blogger does not say js nor JavaScript, and until I find out if it is okay, will not use it. I really like this Blogger and do not want to do the wrong thing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Am in the market for a macro lens. Genuine macro not zoom macro. While researching prices, I ran across a neat quote that is worth remembering, "A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought." Courtesy of [cipoco] on the Canon Community "USA" forum. There is another reference to this quote attributed to [unknown] To me, this applies to my photography endeavors, and is very poignant when applying this to my new found hobby of Going Native. Native as in source code: practice, practice, practice. There is a theory that I read once, a person needs to redo a task over and over at least twenty-two times in order for our brains to commit said task to our long term memories. This is the commitment needed to master source code on demand, as well as to capture professional images with a camera. There are quite a few people that I have met in my past that feel the urge to have more so-called gear in order to improve their skill at accomplishing a task. Auto mechanics, glass cutting to name just two skills. I do not intend to develop the bad habit in the first place. Will do my best.

Inside the last post of this blog I was whining about the difficulty of finishing the construction of an image container. Think this problem is solved (0650 hrs 10aug16). Hopefully, but will have to wait until I get up to run it through my browser. Am very tired and if I get distracted because the code doesn't work, I will be going native and won't be able to sleep. Have spent hours,and when the repair works, will be happy. It was just one property involved, and parent to child relationship.Hopefully, when I wake up will be able to put a screen-shot of the image gallery six-pack.

This is a late night addition to my blog for 10/11 August 2016. Am tired, slept all day and am still sleepy. Will not add anything. Start fresh tomorrow. Am putting aside this project of image gallery construction for the time being. Have saved everything I need for continued development and will move on in other areas. With Blogger which is the priority at the moment, I can continue with my current studies of Native source code.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stuck - Image Template

Studies 6 - Stuck

I Am Stuck-Centering Rows

This is so very frustrating. Am trying to center six images into two rows of three in each row using native code. Like a six pack looking from the top. It's not working for me, so will keep at it. Will review to see what I am missing. Have a bunch of chores and at least a bit of exercise. For now, I am going to eat and take it from there. Did go down into another blog here at LonsLens to do some editing with new css styles that I have learned: indenting and stuff. Looks the same but is much more tidy and readable. Am using an internal style sheet when building these posts. There are three ways to add CSS styles to a webpage: Inline, internal, and external.

  1. Inline:
  2. Internal: will define these later. I tried to write these definitions, yet need to learn more.
  3. External:

Know what I did wrong with the construction of my image gallery page. Now to go back through the html and css to reorganize it. The project was not sized correctly. Nothing would fit.The time is 0900 hrs. Am going to post this onto my social media profiles to request assistance. It would be really "nice" for a computer code "super-duper" expert to help out, hey? Using native code is really cool.

Ate a couple burritos and took a nap. Woke up at around 1600 hrs and managed a single tiered image gallery. A two-tiered gallery is what I am going to build but am forgetting just one "key" concept. I have learned it and will go back over the lessons. Anyway an image of the single tiered gallery is below.

As a credit to the many people whom were kind enough to post the information that enabled me to learn, am posting the text files I typed up to build the image gallery below. In addition, I will have a source to reference as part of my portfolio. Hopefully, when moving up. The important thing is that information be free and accessible to all. Products and individual efforts by someone for profit are obviously entitled to copyright protection. Yaaay!! Hard work should pay off. The ultimate goal behind all of this work? To create my own collection or package I could call this; empty image gallery containers that are ready to be used. Nothing fancy, just a photographer (me) adding images into pre-made displays. A ready-to-use collection consisting of single image displays, two image displays, and so on.

HTML Source

Below is simple html source used as the base anchor for the image gallery above. Took me a while to learn yet it is very simple. To see an example of the very difficult native source code which Blogger has provided for its users... click on the image below to view a larger resolution. While viewing the larger image, use the scroll wheel inside the mouse. There is a button in the upper right of the larger image page that will close the view, so that you are still using this page. All provided by Blogger for "free" and not "simple" in the least.

CSS Style

Below is simple css style used as the accent for the base anchor html above. One (me) has to pay very close attention when texting native code. This took me a while to learn yet it is very simple, Blogger's "free" goodies notwithstanding.

A shout out to the man that runs the little web hut. Am headed back to his YouTube channel as soon as I have this posted. The man at thenewboston website deserves his own shout out. Thanks for all the tutorials guys. Am headed back into the tutorials that both of these men offer for "free." To review my pages and correct my mistakes. Would like to have two tiers or rows of three images each. Am certain this has been explained in the tutorials, am going to try one more thing, and take care of some chores. Yet irregardless, this is only the beginning of my studies. W3 schools is a great resource, also. Made my first JS button for active viewer response using their first example.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Studies 5

Statement Of Faith

Lon's Statement Of Faith

The time is 0535 hrs and I have been studying for Sabbath. The time period of the Jewish Maccabees, and the Greeks, Antiocus III "the Great", Ptolemy V Epiphanes (married Cleopatra I) to help me understand Christ's Seven Epistles inside the Revelation of Saint John.This has been one area of intense focus, for me. Am interested in the rulers of this time period, the common people living normal everyday lives, and the whole ball of wax. From the time around 230 B.C through to 100 A.D. There is a lot of information available in cyberspace that was neglected during my studies prior to my higher learning endeavors.The Apostolic and Patristic Ages.

Of course, Alexander III the Macedonian and his defeat of Darius III of Persia... The Birth of Christ Jesus, and the Apostolic Age as directly co-related to the formation of Western thought are important areas too. My early studies were very good and am thankful. Getting older I began, after noticing a deficiency, to increase my knowledge of this historically formative era of Western civilization. This has been an ongoing project for many years.

This was not planned. The path I have been following since accepting the grace and salvation given to me by God through the death and resurrection from death of His Son, Christ Jesus, anointed by the Holy Spirit as His only begotten Son, before His birth as described thoroughly inside Luke Chapter One, has led me to this specific post. The former sentence is my statement of faith in eternal salvation given to me by and through Christ Jesus freely offered as an unearned grace. Anyway, that's said! It is very integral among the Orthodox to have a statement of faith. When younger, I misunderstood... "the" statement is not static, but fluid, and grows as I grow in faith. Never changing, but growing.

I have been led here. Everything is in place. My secular (temporal) life is stable, and with this computer (temporal) I have access to the teachings of countless bishops and deacons (ethereal), and with this computer I have access to people (the body) with their teachings (ethereal), from all over the world. Having this daily weblog to post thoughts is so very valuable. I would hope that people add their own thoughts as comments below. When I would choose that someone read a specific post, I can ask an acquaintance to look at a post, and anyone can read the post. Blogger is phenomenal!! Thanks folks.

So tomorrow I will continue with my source studying. Today will be work on my customized homepage, and ///C:/ tasks. Need to start exercising more though. Am spending a lot of time here at the desk and I do not think this is good for health because it is too sedentary. Maybe this thought would make a decent post topic? Exercising in order to be a healthy blogger.

UPDATE: It appears that people are actually hitting this log post. Yaaaay! Three of about ten primary sources for my studies in Revelation are the Holy Bible, Koinonia House YT videos and this website.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Studies 4

Understanding Server Side Concept

Server Side-Unnecessary Inside Blogger

This is entirely new. Server-side language. Am not ready to enter this area, because I have to learn about JS to make my pages responsive. If my pages are not responsive there is no need for server-side.Responsive is so that the webpage viewer may interact with my content if they choose. Server-side allows storage of data entered by the viewer if they have chosen to interact. The "first" video I have watched is explaining LAMP and MAMP.

Am sticking with my goal of entering cyberspace as I understand it on a daily basis, so far. Have been working on an image display template in CSS which when completed in the next couple of days will post on here. It will be six images in two rows with a very nice block container.I do have a very nice image of clouds to post at the moment, nope two images that I will share.Update: 11 August 2016;2430 hrs. Have tried to set up an image gallery with two rows of six columns. Have not learned enough native source to set up such an image gallery. Am close but no cigar.

Am learning my source!! Yaaay...

When I first uploaded these images, they wrapped into this container like a sentence wraps because I just loaded them. There is a pop-up box that requests (server-side) how I would like to align the images. I left the viewer interaction response button empty (while choosing to use an image size of medium). I captured a screen shot to use as an explanation. Below is "Image Upload One" before I centered them using CSS. "Image Upload Two" shows the results of using CSS. Finally, the weblog itself shows how it is going to stay, at least for now.

Image Upload One

Image Upload Two

After uploading the two images above to show how some of my source works to you folks, if anyone sees this, was not happy with the appearance. So will play around a bit. To see if the view cannot be improved.

Pretty cool. Just published this container on my blog. Am noticing that vocabulary/syntax is also very important. The Blogger "template" is outside the text container provided. Blogger itself has a hierarchical Style Sheet that is the parent of anything written in the body. My blog post is the child of Bloggers property adult. This is why even with mistakes that I have made in the beginning... even now probably... Blogger's parent head over-rides my Internal Style Sheet of Bloggers External commands.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Studies 3

CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model

Have been studying Cascade Style Sheets for the past couple of days. They are very exciting to me because the layout of the templates is customized on one sheet instead of cluttering up html documents. They add color and flavor to a webpage, beyond basic text. Have also learned to use caution when toggling back and forth between Blogger in my browser and the composition page. I must have deleted this introducion paragraph by mistake... this is the second time I have texted this. Below is a png (portable network graphics) image of what the box model looks like.

By Matthias Apsel (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Was surfing through W3schools and found an image gallery. So this is my project for this afternoon. The style is there to be learned. Need to make 2 rows though. And am going to try to get it into Blogger. Fun, fun, fun. Plus, was just staring at the page while getting my brain and head screwed onto my body, and over to the aside on the right is something about a slide show. As soon as this initial project is completed, will investigate.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

External C.S.S. Stylesheets!

External Stylesheets

Very Excited

Have been paying extra-ordinary "care" the past few weeks. Today, it seems a lot of pieces to "the" puzzle are simply falling into place. My financial planning (it isn't worth much on paper yet a penny here and there) is going well. Will finish paying my bills in about 30 minutes and all is going as planned. Discovered a new technique style to do with shadows, finally; have been attempting, yet not succeeding. "Stick with it," is an old and wise adage. "Finally!", to emphasize how I feel. Kept practicing and the shadows are the way I would like them to appear. Will add an image to show my photography technique practice. As this series of weblog posts show, I have been really trying to develop source code for my own presentations. HTML and stylesheets. Am hoping to start JS and JScript soon.

UPDATE: 31 January 2017. Went through this post. This post is about six months old, and this exercise of re-writing the page has shown me that I am actually "learning" how to apply CSS styling. The process took quite a bit of time to comb neatly but the html does look better as well as the presentation. Before beginning this exercise I was wondering if the time spent studying was worth the effort... not any more. I am learning. Yaaaay!

New Photography Technique Development

The above image is a screen capture of the in-page CSS style for this post. I created it using Notepad ++ with an imaginary link to an imaginary stylesheet just to have as a visual example of what I have in this container inside the blogger template I have chosen. The in-page stylesheet will override the browser and blogger template styles.

Using the videos by thenewboston on YT, I have learned a lot of CSS syntax rules. May turn into a big project, but I may re-develop my Blogger Template in order to use these new tools. As a beginner, I would suggest looking at some of their videos. It is a casual way to study, and watching the videos at the New Boston is laid back. Prepared an egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast. Am going to step away for a moment to munch. Will share an image of breakfast when I come back

Egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast

Came back this morning, 5 August 2016, to add the "egg" image, and the, "egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast image." Am out of sequence and my daily blogs are not really daily because things have a way of happening. Things that alter my plans Am committed to blogging and owe it to myself to explain. Added a request in my header for comments yesterday, so that I would know if anyone visits LonsLens. Also suggested my Lon's Chili Con Carne post in July to an acquaintance on Google Plus. She and others must have looked at it because I got a few hits. Yaaay.

UPDATE: 15 August 2016. Have learned that I need a lot more review and practice at CSS development. Have learned a bit more in CSS yet am going back into HTML to review tags because I do not want to get ahead of myself. Also want to develop XML a bit. And am interested in studying the Google webdev tool... am not sure why yet would like to be familiar with it. UPDATE: 16 August 2016. Another thing I am noticing is the concentration on cellphones. This is a drawback for me because I don't like to wear glasses and my hands are worn from years of use. Lots of neat things I can download for my phone, yet they are already on this machine, soo... Am going to stick with the path that I am on right now. Am seeing JavaScript all over the place and "js", so this is definitely a must.

UPDATE: 31 January 2017. Have discovered a key to assist me in my CSS studies. Just do it. Have some spare CSS documents saved that can be used played around with the selectors, properties, and values. I say play around because if one makes a mistake, it is easy to correct. For instance, I am writing an essay on the Presidential White House Staff here in the States that has a CSS stylesheet. I practiced changing the background using the rgb (...) color space instead of the hex color space... just to see how it worked. Practice different things and have fun. This is very helpful.