Friday, August 26, 2016

Going Native - Flower Images

Going Native - Flower Images

Going Native - Flower Images

Went to the docs on Wednesday, 24 August 2016. Did a lot of walking and unexpected image gathering including one of my favorite flowers, Mexican Bird of Paradise. Ate and then had a deep solid sleep. Right now it is 0500 hrs, Friday, 26 August 2016. Am getting my day organized and thoughts together to post some of the images I captured while out on Wednesday. Am going to accomplish household chores and decide how to present my floral images. It is 1750 hrs and am going to post a few flower images.

Mexican Bird of Paradise

This shrub is very resistant to heat. Am sure it needs moderate water, yet it thrives in our 40 degree Celcius direct sunlight. The temperature during the summer months is usually around 120 Fahrenheit plus/minus.

The above image is a capture of a Mexican Bird of Paradise raceme (the type of bud and flower arrangement) from directly above. There are also clear examples of its foliage.

The example displayed above is at eye-level looking straight across the plant horizontally. The shrubs are exceptionally beautiful and ornate given the proper care.The third image of Mexican Bird of Paradise is captured looking upward from a standing position.

I have quite a few more images of different things to add. Am very tired at this point and am going to bed for a well deserved rest.

Had a nice sleep. Right now, it is 0700 hrs, Saturday, 27 August 2016. It rained today so no need to water outside.Here are more images from the 25th..

Praying Mantis

Below is one of my favorite image captures because the sun is striking her body just right. She was watching my every move. I could see the black dots that indicate the center of her eyes clearly. Every time I moved, they followed. Was disappointed not to have a nice treat for her to munch, sitting there waiting must be difficult. Prowling around for dinner.

This lady caught me by surprise. As soon as I saw her, I got so excited. Have never taken a photo of a praying mantis. She sat there for about five minutes without moving, except for a head tilt every now-and-then

Seeing this mantis taught me. Pay attention to my surroundings and stay prepared because timing and opportunity may only come once. Am going to update my photo bag equipment. Will include containers for cactus fall offs, containers for unique stone specimens, and pens and pencils to go along with the paper I always keep on hand. Always have a water bottle.

Tecoma Stans

Mayan Gold

There are two different types of this plant that I have seen here. Below is a yellow named "Mayan Gold." Thinking about the name... this would be an extra-ordinary color for a piece of jewelry.

Orange Jubilee

The other is named "Orange Jubilee". Both can be a shrub or tree depending on how it is kept. By trimming and maintenance these plants can be modified to suit each gardener's taste.

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