Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Going Native - Maintaining Sequence

Maintaining Sequence

Maintaining Sequence

Am posting this just to keep the daily sequence. "Each" day I want a post. Have decided on custom buttons for my local project, "Letters To The Seven Cities in Revelation." This is the title which I finally decided to use. It is my own project and don't want to make this the focus of my learning native code and HTML markup because this revolves around my photography. Am bound and determined to post daily.Captured a screen shot of this post to add underneath this paragraph.

At the moment am cleaning and prepping for an appointment. Want the house buffed so that when I return home am right to the computer to continue this post. Am going to capture some flower images while out for a couple of Google Plus Communities... FloralFriday is one. Captured quite a few nice images today while I was out. Below, is a praying mantis on the prowl. Titled, "Hello Down There."

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