Saturday, August 6, 2016

Studies 4

Understanding Server Side Concept

Server Side-Unnecessary Inside Blogger

This is entirely new. Server-side language. Am not ready to enter this area, because I have to learn about JS to make my pages responsive. If my pages are not responsive there is no need for server-side.Responsive is so that the webpage viewer may interact with my content if they choose. Server-side allows storage of data entered by the viewer if they have chosen to interact. The "first" video I have watched is explaining LAMP and MAMP.

Am sticking with my goal of entering cyberspace as I understand it on a daily basis, so far. Have been working on an image display template in CSS which when completed in the next couple of days will post on here. It will be six images in two rows with a very nice block container.I do have a very nice image of clouds to post at the moment, nope two images that I will share.Update: 11 August 2016;2430 hrs. Have tried to set up an image gallery with two rows of six columns. Have not learned enough native source to set up such an image gallery. Am close but no cigar.

Am learning my source!! Yaaay...

When I first uploaded these images, they wrapped into this container like a sentence wraps because I just loaded them. There is a pop-up box that requests (server-side) how I would like to align the images. I left the viewer interaction response button empty (while choosing to use an image size of medium). I captured a screen shot to use as an explanation. Below is "Image Upload One" before I centered them using CSS. "Image Upload Two" shows the results of using CSS. Finally, the weblog itself shows how it is going to stay, at least for now.

Image Upload One

Image Upload Two

After uploading the two images above to show how some of my source works to you folks, if anyone sees this, was not happy with the appearance. So will play around a bit. To see if the view cannot be improved.

Pretty cool. Just published this container on my blog. Am noticing that vocabulary/syntax is also very important. The Blogger "template" is outside the text container provided. Blogger itself has a hierarchical Style Sheet that is the parent of anything written in the body. My blog post is the child of Bloggers property adult. This is why even with mistakes that I have made in the beginning... even now probably... Blogger's parent head over-rides my Internal Style Sheet of Bloggers External commands.


  1. I am commenting to prove I'm here -- I clicked over from G+ but I don't spend much time on blogger. Nice site.

    1. Thanks! This is only my third comment... Dang nice of you lady. Am working very hard on this. Isn't as viewer friendly as I could want. That comes with js which I am just seeing a glimmer in the stuff so far +sharlea taft.