Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Going Native: Studies & Quote

Am in the market for a macro lens. Genuine macro not zoom macro. While researching prices, I ran across a neat quote that is worth remembering, "A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought." Courtesy of [cipoco] on the Canon Community "USA" forum. There is another reference to this quote attributed to [unknown] To me, this applies to my photography endeavors, and is very poignant when applying this to my new found hobby of Going Native. Native as in source code: practice, practice, practice. There is a theory that I read once, a person needs to redo a task over and over at least twenty-two times in order for our brains to commit said task to our long term memories. This is the commitment needed to master source code on demand, as well as to capture professional images with a camera. There are quite a few people that I have met in my past that feel the urge to have more so-called gear in order to improve their skill at accomplishing a task. Auto mechanics, glass cutting to name just two skills. I do not intend to develop the bad habit in the first place. Will do my best.

Inside the last post of this blog I was whining about the difficulty of finishing the construction of an image container. Think this problem is solved (0650 hrs 10aug16). Hopefully, but will have to wait until I get up to run it through my browser. Am very tired and if I get distracted because the code doesn't work, I will be going native and won't be able to sleep. Have spent hours,and when the repair works, will be happy. It was just one property involved, and parent to child relationship.Hopefully, when I wake up will be able to put a screen-shot of the image gallery six-pack.

This is a late night addition to my blog for 10/11 August 2016. Am tired, slept all day and am still sleepy. Will not add anything. Start fresh tomorrow. Am putting aside this project of image gallery construction for the time being. Have saved everything I need for continued development and will move on in other areas. With Blogger which is the priority at the moment, I can continue with my current studies of Native source code.


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