Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Going Native-Motivation and Planning

Motivation and Planning

Motivation And Planning


Do not know why, yet am feeling quite motivated. Yesterday, I actually took some photographs and loaded some others that were on my camera along with the new photos into my computer.It is 0430 hrs. and I am out of here. Going to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. This is my first visit so it is really a recon.

Wanted to make certain to get this image up and the blog posted so the date is sequenced. This is out my front door. The tree is blocking direct sunlight and I think it looks nice. Have a symmetric minimal abstract below. It is a focus on the complexity of the circles.

Was planning on a big day, yet fell asleep and slept like a baby for eight hours. The time is 1907 hrs. Am thankful. There has to be some photo ops. even at this time of day. It is sunset. Went outside to check the sunset and being almost dark there was nothing spectacular.

On a side-note, the couches from the homeless camp that the police and neighborhood closed down are finally loaded and gone. I have been putting four couches a week into the dumpster... two at a time. Will try to get a photo tomorrow at day light. There is a vacant four-plex up the street (vacant because it is impregnated with asbestos) and the homeless had started living there. In six months the place would have been a drug haven, so after the home owners complained enough, the police evicted the homeless people. The owners of the vacant property were called in to remove the assorted couches and matresses. They came at night, and carried a lot of the stuff down to my apartment and left it next to our dumpster. One of the double-sized matresses they left as garbage was hauled off by someone whom wanted it. I was left with couches and three box springs. Two-weeks ago. This Friday the last of the couches will be tipped and on the way to the dump.Finally captured an image. Wanted to have evidence.


In order to write a decent website, am going to have to lay some organised groundwork.Need to have images ordered and chosen for each page. Are my pages going to be tabs or clickable links. Have to have buttons drawn and sized for when I am able to use JavaScript. Found inspiration for buttons the other day. Thumbnails is next on the list. Maybe some type of tying logo/index logo?

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