Saturday, August 13, 2016

Going Native-My Locals

My Own Works

My Own Work

Have been studying for hours on end. Very fun stuff,... would rather do native source coding than watch videos. Which is unique for me. This is extra-ordinary, and I have started into JavaScript. Am sure this is very complex: statements, variables and functions. Began looking at "if" and "if/else" statements (?) today. There are calls, passes, and parameters that I am beginning to grasp. Operation assignments were started last night and spoken about again this morning.They are very straight forward: if something is equal then an operation takes place. Then, there is -=,+=,*=, /=, and ,<=,>=. The symbols are self-explanatory, yet, am glad the videos are up so that they can be re-examined. Sheesh. Another few days and I might have a better grasp. We shall see./p>

The reason that I am studying all of this stuff is to interact with the Internet closely, getting more involved is my goal. Am going to go out flower shopping today, in an attempt to get some nice images up on Smugmug. So far I have only added three Mojave Twilight images. Need more quality images to create the quality galleries. And, I have a study to continue locally (which means it is inside my own machine) that I have been neglecting to learn native source code. This is fine because without the source code my blog won't look good, viewers will not be able to interact with my pages, and my pages will not be "responsive" (if I ever get pages up on a site). Responsive means that viewers will be a "part" of my stuff. When they move their mouse or fingers the site will be active. It will encourage viewers to interact with the information I am sharing with them. In order for folks to enjoy my stuff I need JavaScript. This is the only way I know to explain it to myself.

Plus, writing all this out in here helps sort all of my mental activity. Let me just say that this native source coding has really shaken my brain awake! Am very excited. Would like to tell my brothers but both of them are programmers already which means they know exactly how I feel. Am going to share this address with Jacqueline, my Australian friend, my very best friend. And any others I can think about. Have looked at my Statistics tab and do not know if anyone reads this (except for two or three posts, so far). I have heard that websites have "bots" which are written programs to go to a persons site to create stats. This is whom I think is reading all of this because no one leaves comments. Darn it. Yet, it is because my pages do not encourage readers to participate. I plan on a JavaScript remedy. Also, I need to work on my Sabbath Study for tomorrow. After going for a few groceries, and finding some decent flowers for images, I will be back. The cat is inside and sleeping. The image below is "Tom" my friend, a socialized feral cat. He is over a year old but probably less than two years old.

Anyway, This is Tom. This particular day he was interested in my camera instead of his normal ignore. He just decided to adopt me one day... walked right inside. I had a can of food and he has stayed ever since.

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