Friday, August 12, 2016

Studies 6 - JavaScript

Going Native-JavaScript

Knew It Was Coming

The third big step, from where I was standing at least, in blogging with native code is JavaScript. Have been seeing hints in text, hearing hints in the video, and now in the video series I am watching, JavaScript has been introduced. Sheesh. The time is about 1756 on 11aug16.Have some stuff to do, and needed to get my daily log blog posted. Just picked up my mail, and purchased tobacco (a big project). In addition, I posted two images onto Google Plus and one of the viewers said one of the images looked like dog poop~!! So am upset. Will go get milk, and bread before retaking the image. Below is an image of my one month's supply of tobacco.

One pound of weed for the month with an extra-large supply of rolling papers and a butane lighter. Says pipe tobacco yet is just plain shredded raw tobacco with no flavor. The rolling papers are sold in a strong, easy-to-use packets; 115 papers in each. The papers are chemical free and are different from packaged cigarettes. The rollies do not burn evenly, go out continuously, and a lot of time the glue does not adhere. Guessing, I would say that one-third of the papers end up in the waste bin unused.One lighter lasts just about one month, a bit less coincidentally. All calculated I spent just under $30 U.S. Dollars for a one month's supply.

There was big debate about second-hand smoke months ago in the news and on talk shows everywhere. It is very funny that now with the new taxes that have been imposed on smokers, this debate has disappeared.I find it strange, personally. Everyone should be able to see it. Look around, there is no debate now. There was no real discussion about the legal implications of the Federal Government imposing such a tax at a local community level. The tax was just "accepted" like a foregone conclusion. Because everyone else was getting cancer from cigarettes they should be taxed.Yet, I think the real discussion should have been about automobile exhaust poisons being pumped into the air. I feel that car exhaust is second-hand smoke. Hmmm.

Included in today's mail is an Ikea mailer. A full catalog just like Sears used to mail in the old days. This is a great idea on the part of this company. They have excellent products for sale, and I have never had occasion to shop at one of their showrooms. It just so happens that I am in desperate need of furniture, so who knows?

Now that I have shared images which I had intended to include earlier, but fell asleep... it is time to get back to my source code studies. Am at a beginner's level using JavaScript and the tutor I am blessed to have on YouTube just moved to that area. Seems complex, yet it is fun. Turns out the computer is just one big calculator, literally.

  • Single-line comments:
  • Multi-lined comments:
  • Statements:
  • Assignment operators: when a variable has been assigned the operator tells the what the variable has been assigned "to", the operator tells it what to do.
  • Variables: can equal basic whole numbers, fractions of whole numbers, negative whole numbers and fractions of negative whole numbers,
  • Strings:
  • Escape Characters:
  • Functions: basically a mini-program.

Am going to attempt to put a function into Blogger using what I learned today. This is kind of fantastic stuff to learn. Wowzers! If necessary the function may be the topic of my next post. This is so cool.Went back to set up to watch the video again and decided that I won't try JavaScript because I do not know if it is okay with the Blogger folks. We are allowed to use html/css because this is clearly identified with the button at the upper-left. Blogger does not say js nor JavaScript, and until I find out if it is okay, will not use it. I really like this Blogger and do not want to do the wrong thing.

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