Friday, November 10, 2017

Feeling Good

Feeling Good

Finally, was given some type of motivation and have started to walk. Whew! It's been a while. My six glutes really shrank these past few months. Have been out five or six times and have gone quite a distance. Am thinking the ass muscles are tightening, yet this may be wishful thinking, and tonight I have intent to capture an image of the Las Vegas Wash Pedestrian Overpass on L.V.B., N. When I went shopping night before last saw that it looks magnificent at night with all the lights. While recuperating after my falls, I fell behind with my chores and activities/business. Am getting caught up with my supplies, need to do laundry, and clean up a lot more. Another thing is that I may have hurt my left hip and knee. Squatting is quite difficult for my knee (posterior side) and walking is difficult on my hip when walking depending on how I sleep on it. Sprained my wrists and they are healing; right is tender. My right hip gets tired and my right knee is okay

Tonight, am cooking an easy pasta sauce. Need to look up the recipe for the correct spices. Need to go capture an image of the bridge, too, by cooking I am killing time until my woman comes online. Man, is she a hottie. Never did get permission to post an image... darn it. And have taken my meds. So after watering I should be fine. Watering gives me a chance to examine my garden closely. Is night time so will go out tomorrow. Next on the agenda is to photograph a bridge which I will explain after my return (2437 hours).

Above is one of the images I captured last night.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Got Kind Of Ill


My most recent post is dated 11 April 2017. I don't know what happened. Have kind of been out of it This is the first time my mind has been focused enough to post on blogger. Almost died once... am sure of it. Yet will whittle everything into place and slowly get re-organized. Even took a couple of photographs. Yaaaay. Have done some cleaning and ate a well-rounded homemade meal.

My hips have fallen into a poor state because I have been housebound. Will begin the ole therapy regimen. Sure am glad that I have this spot on blogger... to note recent events.

UPDATE: 18 October 17: Am thinking the way I feel this day, is the best I have felt in quite a long while. I cannot remember how poorly I felt prior to my first fall on August 24-25. I do know how I have felt since then. Miserable. Extreme excruciating pain... everyday all the time with my only relief, blessed sleep On August 24-25 my right foot got caught as it always used to when getting up out of my computer desk chair. That night my left foot hit a droplet of water or coffee when landing on it. My left foot slipped out so fast that my head hit the ground... straight on, full blast.The doctor, Dr. Salt, asked if I was unconscious or had a seizure after I fell,... said,"I don't know. And how am I supposed to know if I was unconscious?" That's how hard I hit my head.

UPDATE 18 October 17: Continued. Am writing this blog for the whole world to know I have found someone... At this time we are using the hangout feature on gmail to communicate... which is limited with constraints when texting (similar to Twitter). So I decided to construct this written synopsis for her. Am going to include her photo(with permission) and you will see why. Including this photo, the limited conversation we have had on gmail, I have seen many important things. The lady has a very warm personality, and manners. Wouldn't mind going to a fancy sit down dinner with her because she probably knows how to eat in such a setting. She could be wearing her best alongside my best. Wow. Am worried about our age difference.Thirty-five years old?? Have an image I will share if I get permission. Would like her telephone number so I can call her. She asked for mine. Would like one of her e-mails, also. This isn't too much to ask I think. Have to make sure she if aware of how old I am compared to her. I think she is trying to protect her privacy. I have given her my contacts. This should be enough to give her strength to trust me.

That said, after my first fall, I sat down for a while and collected my thoughts. Telephoned for an ambulance, went to the Emergency Room. Gosh, I couldn't walk. Even with my cane it was quite dangerous. When I got to the hospital, they put me in a bed to monitor me. Thank goodness, I think Valley Hospital is the best. Ended up waiting quite a long time and no one checked on me (4.5 hours in my opinion) so I left and came back home. At home it was very hard to manage myself. Quite a bit of difficulty reaching the bathroom. Used my walker. Had food in the pantry and refrigerator. Ended up calling for Emergency Room help on the 27th. The ambulance came, they were quite worried because I was not well. They gave me oxygen and my breathing was quite fast. Doctor Salt wanted to keep my overnight too. They put me in an observation room with a nurse right beside me the whole time.

The staff at the hospital observed me a number of hours, took a blood test, and loaded me up on potassium. Apparently, I had lost my potassium,... similar to working out in the sun and sweating too much without replenishing your supplies of salt and potassium. While I was observed a Humana Insurance rep came in and made sure I got my prescribed meds. I thank him for this.

Below, in block quote, is the draft of an e-mail I was preparing to send to Charles my brother. The letter describes my first fall and the second fall with the physical and social ramifications as of 7 October 2017. The draft of the unsent letter is archived in his folder on gmail.

Am really fucked up bro. I am trying to keep a positive outlook. It seems that at night (dark) the pain level increases. Am having discomfort in all the normal places, just a lot worse than the pain before I fell. It has been over one month since the original fall on Thursday the 24th or Friday the 24th. When I wake up it is either a high level of pain or the pain is okay. One or the other. And as the day wears on the pain stays the same as it was when I woke up. Yet, either way the pain level increases at night. When I go to bed at least I can sleep okay. Haven't noticed a problem with my sleep (thank God!!!) I have had sleeplessness before and it is just plain no good. At least with my medicine the pain is bearable too.
I seem to recall after my first serious fall (not the second time on the 11th) on the 24th or 25th of August, the pain had reached my level of tolerance. This is the first time I went to the E.R. The pain and disorientation on the 27th of August forced me into the E.R. again which is how they discovered my low potassium level. During my visit on the 27th the docs gave me a pretty good workup. Did a scan of my brain because of the fall hitting my head. They gave me a bunch of chest and blood workups because my heart was acting weird on the 27th too. So after they learned of my potassium level being low my landlord brought me by some bananas at my request, and I had my neighbor drive me to the primary doc for an unscheduled prescription pick up on the 29th of August. (with morphine which is a opiate-not an opioid-i have to physically turn in a written prescription each and every time).
When I picked up the prescription, I was scheduled to have two more blood tests which I missed due to transpo. issues on the 31st of August and the 7th of September. Those blood tests were to check my kidneys, yet eating bananas I knew my potassium level would be okay. A home nurse was prescribed by an insurance company doctor, and this nurse came over to my apartment on September 4th. Alongside all of this I was scheduled for a primary doctor's appt. the 13th of September. On September 11th I tripped, making it my second fall. So the following morning I cancelled the doctor's appt. and the transportation I had scheduled for the Sept 13th docs appt. The problem being that for the past 2 weeks my major concern was walking. Walking took so much of my fortitude, the actual action of walking was all consuming. Getting to the bathroom was a problem because walking took everything I had... getting to the bathroom caused me to be afraid that I would go to the bathroom in my pants on the way to the bathroom. This is on the 11th of September and is the reason I did not go to the doctor. I couldn't bend my legs up nor bend over to change my socks and tie my shoes. Much less put on a reasonably clean pair of pants, socks, and undies. I certainly couldn't worry about a docs appt too. Sheesh.

As I sit here after walking just a small amount my left knee is starting to hurt. But I must admit overall, the pain today is at an acceptable level.

And then there is the issue of chores around the house, and food in the refrigerator. And somewhere in this mess, either August 24th or September 11th I torqued out my right wrist and left knee to the maximum. I was so sore after August 24th I might not have noticed my wrist and knee. I think possibly my wrist and knee were hurt Sept 11th. Not sure. My parts and pieces of my body hurt all the time, so I just blow off odd pains. I wake and say,"looks like my wrist and knee hurt today. Oh well." And that is just the way it is, everyday all the time. I wake up and stand to go take a pee in the morning when I wake up. My left foot has been broken so many times, and my right foot is screwed up too. When I stand up in the morning sometimes I say, "Looks like my feet hurt today. Oh well," 90% of the time I don't fall when I get up. 90% of the time... the pain does not cause me to sit back down. So I just blow off the pain. And my doc gives me medicine to help me through the days. It's just the way it is, and I am used to it. Yet anyway, I haven't walked anywhere for groceries in over a month. Minimart, 7-11 burritos for dinner have destroyed my budget. And I haven't cleaned my floor. Hygiene is taken care of for health and safety. The kitchen and bathroom are managed just fine. The trash is never over-filled. A lot of times I don't check the mail.
In addition to not being able to shop for food, I was afraid to use the stove. After the fall on my head I was confused and forgetting things. Like leaving the stove on by accident. Not completing the transaction register calculating my checking account. Forgetting appts. and people's names, et c. Just little things Iwas forgetting. I forgot to file my paperwork with the State of Nevada to supplement my insurance premium and co-pays at the docs. And my $15 a month in food stamps. The paperwork was due the 5th of Sept. while I was dealing with the first fall (like a chicken that just was beheaded for our dinner). Yowzers. This could have been disastrous except the care worker at my doc's office was able to fix it on Sept 22nd. All is well. By the wayside my doc's name is Mary. The care worker's name is Melody.
I started this last night, Thursday, 5 October 2017, and today, Friday I cannot walk very well. Made it to the convenience store for dinner and cat food. Barely made it home. Something has to be wrong. Will study... may need to exercize, but am afraid of damage to the areas that are sore. Dang, would be nice to figure this out. Will complete this e- mail tomorrow and get it to you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It Bloomed!!

It Bloomed!!

Hybrid opuntia ssp. It bloomed. Woke up this morning and was puttering around outside and almost fell over when seeing this flower.

Such a pleasant surprise

Isn't this a neat flower. The spines are very effective. If one even glances up against the plant that person will come away with dozens of embedded stickers. Literally. The debris that has collected on the segments is quite obvious. Sometimes I go out with tweezers to remove the garbage and feathers, but it is not worth the spines that embed deeply into my gloves. Takes longer to remove them than to delicately remove the debris.

My cactus garden this Spring is thriving yet most of the plants are not old enough for blooms this year. I planted the parent segments after I moved into this place probably around the Spring and Summer of 2015. My Echinopsis chamaecereus (peanut cactus) blooms. And my Mammillaria gracilis fragilis (thimble cactus) blooms. They are both older than two years. Have been thinking about cutting back the majority of new segments growing on the Hybrid opuntia (prickly pear) to allow the plant to save energy internally. After seeing the first blossom this afternoon, I don't think it wise to "force" the plant to bloom. Maybe trimming could encourage the cactus to bloom, although it won't be necessary.Below are some blooms on the peanut cactus.

Echinopsis chamaecereus

    Peanut Cactus

These Echinopsis are fine examples of the genus. There are well over one hundred species of Echinopsis according to the Wikipedia article I referenced to research for this post. The peanut cactus is hardy and easy to work around. The article provided by Wikipedia for the species chamae cereus is still a stub (a short unfinished discussion). For instance, peanut cactus exhibits a property known as nyctinasty. This characteristic is used by highly developed plants. Scientists have not discovered the purpose of a flower folding closed at night, yet they understand the physical process of how the flower closes.

Mammillaria gracilis fragilis

    Thimble Cactus

This is thimble cactus to the right. It hasn't bloomed but will show small pastel yellow flowers soon enough. Checked the hybrid opuntia this afternoon and there appeared to be at least five blooms altogether. First thing in the morning I will capture an image. It is so very exciting to me... to have something that started so small blooming so soon. Will share an image of the excellent spine patterns protecting the thimble cactus. It is sooo awesome.

How awesome is that?? Would call it "starburst" which I think describes this quite well. Getting up close and personal with cactus is kind of neat because being so interesting one has to use caution to avoid getting spines embedded in your nose (speaking literally!)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Some Desert Flowers And Concerns

Some Desert Flowers And Concerns

Am in the process of watering my garden. I received quite a pleasant surprise, maybe. I planted a hybrid opuntia and two types of polka dot opuntia. It appears that the hybrids and red polka dot are going to bloom. Am not sure about the white polka dot. This will be the first time I have had cactus in the ground bloom. If they are going to bloom... it is kind of like to be or not to be. Sooo very exciting!!! Nope, after very close-up examination, the new colorful sprouts on the cactus in the garden is just this year's new foliage (pears... hence, prickly pears). One of the images from the 19th. Actually looks kind of nice. Don't often capture a whole bee. Mostly bee butts because they are down inside the flowers grabbing some chow.

The bee is gathering pollen from a globemallow which I was able to sprout in my personal garden. Next year, my own will look this nice and hopefully attract bees as well.


One of my favorite ornamental shrubs here in Vegas. Figwort, purple sage, texas sage are a few common names. Leucophyllum frutescens smells nice and attracts bees. Yet, up-close in a confined space the flower aroma is pungent... offensive to me.

Was able to process and zoom in to show the foliage along with the papery purple petals of this plant.

As I work with these images, it comes back to me about my concerns with a photowalk. There is a cost and the images make it worth the effort. And sharing them. Dropped out of "social" media for a while. Rejoined and it is a lot better... photography is for people to see. And enjoy. For instance, below is silverbush (moonflowers):

The cactus are not blooming at all. I have a peanut cactus that will bloom shortly. Waited to finalize this post until I was certain the opuntia are not blooming.Below is an image of the hybrid opuntia

I circled what might have been a flower bud, yet with close examination the pad the young pad segments are obviously at different stages of development. Will continue the cactus discussion inside another post.

A Quick Post

A Quick Post

Possibly!!?, my focus may have returned. Don't know how to explain this process of falling into melancholy and feeling absolutely no inspiration. Nor can I explain the process of (hopefully) crawling out of it. Literally crawling. Have maintained my style of living thank G-d. Started my website. Just checked the hyperlink and it actually functions correctly. Yaaaay.

"Histories" by Polybius

This is my current project. Uploaded a rough draft e-book put together by Project Gutenberg and am in the process of reading Volume I and researching the information. The characters, places, and events recorded by the historian. And the Spring wildflower superbloom is almost over. As a photographer, Spring is an important event. This is the 4th or 5th Year that I have missed the event. This makes me think that March has something to do with my melancholy. Who knows? Am just hoping that I am out of my slump.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Origin of the "State" name of Palestine

Origin of the "State" name Palestine

Am going out to capture images of olive trees, which made me think of olive oil leading into thoughts of Greece and Lebanon. So am going to compose a post with quotes about Philistia and Palestine. Because of the proximity to olive growing regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Cannot think of anything to blog about and this is on my mind. Our olive trees here in Las Vegas, Nevada are certainly beautiful. The images themselves are worthy of a post, yet wanted to include my thoughts.

Joel 3.4:  Yea, and what have ye to do with me, O Tyre, and Zidon, and all the coasts of Palestine (H6428 rolling, that is, migratory; Pelesheth, a region of Syria: - Palestina, Palestine, Philistia, Philistines.? will ye render me a recompence? and if ye recompense me, swiftly and speedily will I return your recompence upon your own head; [KJV which has been added to the public domain]. The Book of Joel was written centuries before the birth of Christ Jesus according to Wikipedia. Quite a few of my link references (most of them) are Wiki because I think that the guidelines for each collection of each of the subjects keeps the discussions accurate. Inside this particular Wikipedia discussion of Joel, there is a sub-heading of "historical context" and a list for "further reading." 

Genesis 21.34:  And Abraham sojourned in the Philistines' (H6430 Patrial from H6429; a Pelishtite or inhabitant of Pelesheth: - Philistine.) land many days. [KJV which has been added to the public domain]. Wikipedia discusses the book of Genesis at this permalink. Am quoting these particular Biblical verses because it shows the linkage between Philistia and Palestine. 

Now that the words Philitia and Palestine have been established as Pelesheth, the identity of Pelesheth needs exploration. I found the identity while studying a book by Polybius. Am very tired at the moment so may just go to bed. A discussion by another blogger is here. If I am remembering correctly, the Pelesheth people are named on the Merneptah Stone. Am not sure if I would be allowed to quote anything because of copyright protection. The translators certainly earned the right to protect their work, yet maybe they left it open to the public. I am not sure. After I sleep will gather some olive tree images

Went out on a photowalk to capture olive tree images. There isn't any fruit at this time of year (Spring) yet the trees certainly are olive bearing during harvest. The ground below the trees is littered with last seasons fall off and olive pits.

Olive trees are planted all over Las Vegas because they tolerate the heat and summer drought conditions. The bark is quite unique and makes identification quite easy. The base of the older trunks is ornate and very unique in their own right. Personally, I think the first people that moved into the valley planted them so much to make cooking oil so available.

The foliage provides excellent shade as well.

Am going through carefully and reading the "Histories by Polybius" located at project gutenberg dot com. As soon as I come across the information needed to trace the mention of the tribes of Sea Peoples that were defeated by the Egyptians, I will complete this blog. Pelesheth is one of the peoples mentioned. Showing that Philistians were not Arabs from the region of what we erroneously name as Palestine today (think Cana'an). I went ahead and used the Wikipedia site, Sea Peoples in order to quickly illustrate my point. Scrolling down through the page there is a list of the peoples (pirates and criminals) that invaded Egypt and were dispersed after their defeat by Ramesses. This article is well worth the time to read.

UPDATE: the olive trees have started to bloom. Am interested in following them through the season.

Small/fine print of course!!
I am not stating an opinion inside this post. This post is just a collection of facts easily accessible on our Internet.
This blog post is a PARODY.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day Below is an image of my Shamrocks. I have had these flowers for over years. The bulbs were given to my by mom. She had them for quite a number of years, also.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2017

I added a few images to my flickr photostream. Address is over in "About Me"

More about the Shamrock