Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Going Native-Simply Roses II

Simply Roses

Simply Roses

Decided to expand upon the earlier roses post and include some different images. Am trying to use every rose to the fullest advantage. Am using a few props, a bit of inspiration from others, and just trying to make these simple flowers appear as nicely as possible. Have a "bakers dozen." 13 images to view. A bit much in length yet the images are very nice. Quite a few monochrome examples also.

Simply Roses I

Thought this made a nice monochrome. Used a small discarded perfume bottle with water to moisten the petals. I really like the look.

Simply Roses II

Captured this in a darker light. Was only able to gather six roses so had to try every bit of processing each specimen.

Simply Roses III

So very beautiful. I love photography.

Simply Roses IV

Another monochrome. Am getting very interested in monochrome as time passes. There are so many facets to the images that aren't available using color.

Simply Roses V

Am going to post a baker's dozen of these images. Worked very hard to get them to look nice. The bouquet was expensive also.

Simply Roses VI

Simply Roses VII

Back to monochrome. There are more images to make thirteen, yet it is time for me to sleep. And I also have another Lon's Chili blog to ready. Yaaay! I am using a post-processing program named G.I.M.P. to put these images together. To heal all of the flaws that might mar the appearance of the flowers.

Simply Roses VIII

Simply Roses IX

Simply Roses X

These certainly are pretty rose images. Today, 27 January 2017, I decided to go through some of my earlier post, and am reminded of these beautiful roses

Simply Roses XI

Pink roses traditionally are given to express gratitude and appreciation. A way to say thanks. A lady receives them as a token of her grace and elegance. I think this is why pink is mostly referred as a feminine color. Is because gals are graceful and elegant, each in her own ways

Simply Roses XII

This particular image is probably the more favorite of my own of the images displayed in color included in this post. Sure is a striking color of pink to me.

Simply Roses XIV

Of the monochrome images I have included in this post, Simply Roses 14, my baker's dozen spare, is certainly my more favorite of the monochromes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Going Native - Simply Roses I

Simply Roses

Simply Roses

Yesterday, I splurged. Bought a bouquet of roses. Anyway, below are some images.

"grâce élégante"

This rose above I named elegant grace in French. "grâce élégante" because for some reason I feel the French language is suited to these flowers

"Sereine Beauté - Serene Beauty"

"Romantisme Poétique"

I chose poetic romance for this image because my thoughts went to how this bouquet would be received... as a gift.


The name of this image came to mind because of the spot to the right of center. The brownish area down inside of the flower. It raised this question because I wasn't sure if it was shadow, light, or an actual blemish. If it is a blemish does it take from the beauty of the image?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Going Native: Studies With Food

Going Native: Studies With Food


Have been all over the Internet. Today, 14sep16, Wednesday. I have learned one thing. My memory at 54 is shot. Cannot remember anything except basics of the source code I have studied. My next step is to go through all of the lessons studied and memorize the information. My recall short term may be shot... yet information committed to long term memory stays. These facts have been the center of my studies the past few days.


Am assembling and preparing the necessary ingredients for another nice batch of Lon's Chili Con Carne. One will see a lot of chili meals as time passes. The meal is cheap, efficient, and there are plenty of left-overs. Will eat off of this batch for three or four days. Takes a while to prepare, so in the meantime will share an image of breakfast for today.

Have the tomato base, onion, and spices simmering for my newest batch of Lon's Chili on the stove as this is texted. Today, 9 August 2016, at 0330 hrs. Put together a nice dessert the other night 16sep16 and decided to share. I named it "Dépravation De Chocolat"

UPDATE: 21nov16. Have been adding "hot" sandwiches to another blog post. With images. They are simple and self-explanatory. No need for recipes because the idea is to keep it simple, quick, and nutritious.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Going Native - Machine Noise

Going Native - Machine Noise

My desktop machine has started making an odd mechanical humming as of today, 1 August 2016, Thursday. So if the machine does dump, I will study my HTML 4 book and XML book. Irregardless, am at a stage where I need to find a place to take further steps. Studying and doing is the direction to follow.

UPDATE:10jan17 Am glancing back through earlier blogs. Have been sticking with it regularly, yet not as often as should be. Have done a couple of blogs during January 2017, some during December 2016 and so on back until now.