Sunday, July 31, 2016

html Images

html Images From Local

html Lesson

Working on source development locally.

The above image is HTML source for the 2nd image below after it has been converted to a document readable on a browser.

Types of Source

Combining Source

Reference Libraries

Including DOM's with backward compatability

DOM also known as the Document Object Model is defined by W3C as of 13 November 2000: "The Document Object Model (DOM) is an application programming interface (API) for valid HTML and well-formed XML documents. It defines the logical structure of documents and the way a document is accessed and manipulated." The link describes the model or tree structure much better than anything I could attempt.

As I attempt to learn source, so far, there are three rules I am trying to keep in mind. First to write in a structure that my computer understands and other people can understand how to read what I have written. My computer needs to understand what I have written as well as other "people" needing to be able to read what is written. This is why we all have taken courses in English... to enable cross communication amongst one another. Secondly, I will need to keep in mind the prior versions of Windows that are in use and to enable the prior versions to understand this version of source. HTML is living and as such it grows and changes. The older models of computers are not living;static machinery does not grow nor learn. Therefore, source must be legible to the older versions while still being readable to the current versions of computers. Finally, and probably the most important factor is accessibility for everyone which I am just beginning to learn. Blind folks have machine readers that need to understand my source as they read my posts. And I am sure not all of the blind can type. Speakers of languages different from my American-English, have translation software to change my writing to their native tongues.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Food 2-Lon's Chili

Lon's Chili

Lon's Chili Con Carne

Recipe with Step-By-Step Images

Recipe: Lon's Chili Con Carne


  • One pound of dried beans (prepared: see below)
  • One pound of meat (cooked and drained)
  • One half pound of sausage (cooked and drained)
  • One large onion (diced)
  • One package of chili spice mix (cumin, red pepper, chili powder, cornstarch) it is easier to just use the package - I still haven't perfected my own mix
  • Bell pepper ( diced; green, yellow, red: any combination)
  • Thirty two ounce can of diced stewed tomatoes
  • Chile peppers to taste (diced; quantity; scoville scale)
  • Sixteen ounce can of corn
  • Two tablespoons of garlic powder
  • Two tablespoons of white vinegar
  • One quarter of a cup of brown sugar

Dried-Beans Preparation

  1. Sort through beans for any debris. Rinse two to three times until water is clear.
  2. In the pot, cover clean beans with water and bring to a rapid boil for one hour; keep the beans covered with water. Turn off the heat.
  3. Let the beans soak until cool. Rinse two to three times until water is clear. This removes the undigestible sugars.
  4. In the pot, cover clean beans with fresh water. The beans will absorb water as they soak, so to ensure they stay covered with water, add an abundance<>/li>
  5. Soak them over-night

Soup Preparation

  1. Rinse the prepared beans. Add the diced onion, diced tomatoes, and corn.
  2. To the mixture, add enough water to cover the beans and bring to a boil. A portion at a time (so the powder will not lump), add the spice mix package, add the brown sugar, vinegar, and garlic powder while the water begins to boil.
  3. When the onions are transparent, add the bell peppers and chile peppers (to taste). Add the prepared meats.
  4. Cook until the onions are no longer visible, the peppers are tender, and the sauce has thickened.
  5. To test the readiness of the beans, spoon some out and blow on them. The beans are cooked if the skin splits.

Peruvian Dried Beans

Tomato Sauce And Prepared Beans

Spices, Peppers, and Onion

Chopped Peppers And Corn

Adding Diced Onion To Soup

I added the image below to my flickr photostream. Flickr has an Explore feature and sometimes an image is picked to be included in the daily feature on Explore. "Yaaaaay." This image of my chili con carne soup was included. Explore on flickr gives a photographer much more visibility.

Completed Soup


When the chili con carne is cooked to satisfaction munch down. Can garnish with diced spring onions, white onions, cheese, homemade salsa, and the list goes on according to personal preference. (Ripe diced black olives. Not Green.)This is as clear and concise as the recipe has gotten so far. It is in progress. Follow the basic guidelines and remember your own taste preferences. I have been known to add eight habanero peppers because that was my taste at that moment. Decided to leave the turtle I found alone... to its own fate. The creature was out there before and without me, and I decided, "Why interfere in its life?"

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Food 1-Lon's Chili

Found A Turtle-Messed Up My Plans

Found A Turtle-Messed Up My Plans

It's about 0250hrs. Am watering the outdoor plants because the temperature is cool and the plants will just love the attention. Am giving the drought-tolerant cactus a mist. The roses (mostly dead) and white-star jasmine (probably dead) will get a hard water.

Unreal. Was intending to focus on food. Was out gardening, and I found some sort of turtle or tortoise. It is NOT the endangered desert tortoise! Or I would have called someone

Went outside and found the turtle again. Decided not to capture the reptile. It has buried itself under the roughage in the image and had its head stuck out watching everything. Hope it will be okay. Do not know how long it has been out there. UPDATE: 19aug16 Friday. Have been keeping the area moist where I saw the turtle. Have not seen it since... will inspect the area tomorrow (as soon as there is light, today) to ensure it even stayed. Did complete a blog about Lon's chili con carne. The complete recipe is included with image included below the recipe.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Studies 2

Studies 2-Literal Studies

Literal Studies

Whew! Have been watching lots and lots of videos about html4, xhtml, html5, and css2. Great Fun!. My knowledge is increasing and am going to apply this knowledge to some of the stuff I have been writing locally (which means "inside" my own computer). To share exactly which stage my studies have landed me, look at this guy's video on YouTube. His channel is called tutor4u and with his help, after viewing his video, I am beginning to reach a clear understanding of css markup.

On another note, have been watching my rose shrubs die because of the temperature here in my town. And my Aloe has lost its healthy green color turning a dull brownish. Could probably keep them hanging on through the Summer, except water is so very precious during a drought. Therefore early next Spring my focus will be upon cacti. Give them a bit of water and toss them into an oven and they thrive. It is getting about time for lunch.

Tomorrow, I have planned on capturing an image showing a "Hawaii" theme. Am an avid "plusser," a user of the social media site named Google Plus. Am a member of a community on G+ named Weekly Photo Challenge and there are weekly themes. The challenge is to do your best and to capture one image for each weekly theme. 52 images altogether. The time is already 1630hrs, so this day is almost gone. Time is so precious. 1740hrs. This is what I have decided to do. Included in my earlier post about cactus are a few images. I have many. Am going to construct a website on my local drive about cactus. With my location and the drought it seems appropriate. The things I am learning are too cool to neglect. Too much fun. Below is the image I submitted for the Hawaii theme.

The reason Spam is in the photo is because of the Hawaiian Islands themselves. There are not many herds of cattle running around on the islands. Refrigeration is very expensive and Spam (at least on the smaller islands) has always been an alternative. Ask anyone living there. Canned meat is quite common. And on the other side of the coin are canned pineapples here Stateside. Pineapple is not common and when some is needed we buy a can. In Hawaii, we would be laughed off the islands.

Studies 1



Just watched the 29th and 30th video included inside Bucky's lessons.That link will connect you with the new boston dot com and a list of about forty videos this man has put together to help us all learn about source mark-up. Cannot either emphasize or for that matter RE-Emphasize the importance of watching the YouTube videos provided by Google. UNREAL! Today, I learned what Cascading Style Sheets actually defines. And as part of Bucky's lessons I will learn how to position different items on a page.This is the Beginning: will have to watch his videos as well as others AND accent the knowledge with information from W3schools.Over to the right there is a link to the "school's" homepage.

Writing this new CSS will probably not be possible inside Blogger so much. Will be able to use the Internal style sheeting, but inside my own computer with my own webpage development, it will be possible. This Blogger page you are seeing on the other side of the toggle to the actual site involves a lot of source. Just right click on a blank/empty spot on the page. A pop-up menu is going to offer options to click. Select the option, "View page source." See! All of that texted source is beyond my level, and involves external pages which organize the layout of my entire page. The position of items, the colors, copyrighted icons, et cetera. The composition of my entire blog (the webpage) is a part of the FREE service provided by Google on its Blogger site. Exactly like the FREE service provided by Google on the site, "YouTube." Only Blogger is for webpages and YouTube is for video uploads.

Blogger offers, for FREE, a toggle back and forth between html and the real world, and nothing else. If I were capable of designing a webpage layout (html, css, JavaScript, and many other forms of source) as nice as Google's, I would have my own site. By watching the lessons on YouTube accented (at this point in time 26jul16) by W3schools, I am on my way to developing my own website! Take my advise! Have started from scratch, not knowing html, and have moved up into css by following the lessons from the beginning to lay a foundation. With access to videos for review, the ability to study, and memorize the source, will be taking the "Beginning" steps into Cyberspace. Yaaay Am going off to do chores. 1900hrs

Went away for chores 2440hrs and have decided to step back for a day or two. Need to become fluent in html and css before stepping ahead. Need to become more familiar with manipulation of these two markup sources. Am getting ready to sleep now.

Monday, July 25, 2016

New StudiesVI-Overview and Summary

New Studies VI

Eighth Day And Overview

Today, there has not been too much time for source studies. Need to manage my time more effectively. Have neglected my social media engagement inside Google Plus This is where I have made many excellent acquaintances and probably some like-minded friends. My passion is photography at the moment (last few years) and alongside flickr where I post a bunch of images, there is Google +. So today, I really needed to catch up. Post one and more images, socially interact. Computer stuff.

This is my idea behind learning this markup and source: "To be able to complement my computer life. My position in cyberspace." There are many ideas and accomplishments that I pick up from social engagement that I might otherwise have never learned. For instance, The Solar Impulse LIVE is a plane flying around the world using solar power. This link connects with the plane flight from Cairo through to Abu Dhabi and was able to view some of this journey... right at my finger-tips available on the Google landing home page.Here is another thing I would like to record for posterity...Prisma. This is an Apple Corp application that was made compatible for Android cells. This app. allows people to customize their images, and I may put it on my cell phone.There are just so many things to do. And managing time is difficult when a new project is added to our daily list.

This "all" is just so phenomenal that I want to learn and fast. Yet, there are chores and important things outside of cyberspace. Am headed to the ATM to get set up for another task. Am going to close with, "Darn no time." That is exactly how I would say this in the privacy of my own home.

Still have not gone to the ATM!! Things keep coming at me. These tasks need to be done. The air outside is permeated with smoke from a fire in California. Am noticing this as I prepare to step out the door. The sunrise this morning was a brilliant orange and am wondering about sunset. Hmm.

Just got back from the store/ATM. $4 for 5 cans of cat food. What a rip. They wanted $4.59 for a bottle of prune juice. I decided to buy it at another store. I love prune juice and warm stale grape soda. Not hot! Room temperature. Thought about closing statements for today's Post. Am working on a main page with seven other pages. Am linking them all together. A university level study. Am probably going to buy a dot com. Am beginning to think about external style sheeting. Hope to have more to share tomorrow. Am trying to stay awake until the sunset, to see about the color from the Sand Fire in California. Am going to check out the instruction manual for my cell. Maybe I can learn to add a post using the phone... if it is secure enough.

The sunset was unremarkable. Faced to the East, there was plenty of color. Will try to capture sunrise tomorrow morning.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Studies V

New Studies V

Use W3C Resources

This morning I have been looking at a new channel on YouTube. I can not Emphasize enough to check videos on YouTube. Look at, and examine the written material provided by W3schools, but videos are a lot more fun. This new channel I have connected with is great. Have viewed at least 10 -15 of his videos more than once. An excellent video instructor. Am beginning to think, because of the way this information is being shared and being taught that "transitional" really does apply because there is html 4.01,html5 (new elements for a/v), xhtml 1.0 (which is older) and CSS 2.0. Am thinking I have found the correct page to learn and read the current W3C "All Standards and Drafts" articles. Am going to start reading these myself, and for instance, there are articles on the best practices to use when authoring stuff.

Have decided to eat. Might fall asleep. Anyway, Do not have much more to say today except with emphasis Use your W3C resources. This is not easy yet using the resources makes this very fun... and to be honest, I do not see much of that except when capturing images and playing around on the computer (which is good actually). As I was just texting that statement, the thought of less fortunate hungry folks in Africa with HIV and AIDS with no money and no access to clean water popped into my head. So photography, computer work, and clean drinking water... isn't so boring after all. As far as the emphasis on resources... here is some trivia. In order to memorize something, it only has to be done 22 times while focused. And if the task is used once in a while to re-inforce the memory... we do not forget it. Simple trivia. Have added a link or two over to the side for W3Schools. Their site is very helpful and have noticed that color schemes hold a lot of importance to will be looking for a site that can help.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Studies IV

NS IV- Lists

List Of My Cacti

The next phase of the tutorial videos available on You Tube (wiki) are teaching list creation and list usage inside webpages. Am going to list my cactus species inside this post in order to learn the list elements of html. Was having difficulty trying to build and to develop a webpage to exhibit what is being taught. Not anymore!! Am an avid gardener. Around the apartment I call home, both inside and outside, there are quite a few specimens to list in keeping with the theme, "New Studies." Am going to do some footwork. Will return to this blog in a few minutes.

Have decided to feature my cacti in this post because there are quite a few varieties and they are interesting to read about. And will be able to use the list elements, properties, and rules that I have been learning to use with css and will be able to use html also. While outside looking, noticed that the plants need a bit of TLC. To repeat myself will BRB. Sheesh. Sweeping the front porch did me for a loop. The heat outside is around 114 degrees F. Was just barely moving and am pouring sweat. Will start noting the time as I come back to the log.(1715hrs PDT). Did some yard work outside to prepare my cactus for this blog: have decided to use images that have already been captured. When I wake up from my nap (1750hrs).

    My Cactus

  • Peanut Cactus

  • Added a unordered list and an image that was re-sized smaller to this post. Looking very amateur, so need to continue from where I left off last night. Woke up at 1100hrs. The area of "New Studies" to get a better grip: Adding images and creating lists. Figured it out... the videos are teach style and to create the lists the way I would like am going to study deeper into just plain hypertext markup language.

    Captured a few images of this species yesterday on Monday, 29 August 2016. I have two huge containers out front. Anyway, here below are two new images.

    These are two of the best macro images I have captured of Echinopsis chamaecereus

  • Thimble Cactus
  • Just uploaded this second image. Might be making this either a bit more complicated than it should be or might not know what I am talking about. Will just continue onward 0130hours. Time sure flies when having fun. This image above is showing the first blooms ever by one of my peanut cactus. The Summer season heat is really tearing up my garden.

  • Bunny Ear Opuntia Cactus- White Polka Dot Prickly Pear
  • Have kept at least one specimen of this cactus in my garden since the beginning. The cactus is so easy to grow with almost no special care. Have never had a flower because my plants have never gotten old enough to bloom. Where there would normally be spines this cactus has glochids...tiny almost microscopic pricklers (dangerous to the eyes and lungs).

  • A hybrid Opuntia
  • This is one of the plants I use as a barrier. The pears are literally covered in mean aggressive thorns. Take a close look and you will see for yourself.

  • Cow's Tongue Opuntia
  • Am making certain to have a current photo of my cactus collection in flickr. Cactaceae Opuntia engelmannii. Have quite a few photos of this prickly pear cactus in the album "Plants- Cactus, Yucca, and Succulents." This particular pad was found at the same location and it had been shed by one of the plants. So I picked it up, put it in my backpack, brought it to my new apartment and planted it into the soil. Believe it was planted some time in October or November 2014 and this "pear" has just recently sprouted these buds on the side. Am not sure if the buds are going to be flowers or new paddles. Do know the flowers are bright yellow and very attractive to bees as you can see in the other album if you are interested.This cactus is three to four months growing in my garden. It has started a third generation of paddles as you can see. Am going to locate some more images of this plants parent.

  • Bunny Ear Opuntia Cactus- Red Polka Dot Prickly Pear

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Studies III

New Studies III - Third Post In A Row

Third Post In A Row

Am learning just how much the creation of the World Wide Web actually altered our lives. For me, am in front of a computer most of the time every day! The link above connects to which shows just the languages in order to move further into their knowledge base. Available in English, there are well over 5 million individual articles. Pure knowledge. A huge library at my fingertips.

Today, I have spent quite a bit of time just setting the text in this post into html. The time is 1900 hrs, and am planning to spend the rest of the evening studying. Am learning the importance, and convenience also, of software written just so people would not need to learn html to share their knowledge. It is very difficult for me to fathom how incredible it is for me to have access to this knowledge. Even, this Blogger site is set up so that folks can share. Am off to study, it was important to text the format of this post, even though tedious. Over and over and over... this is what I have learned today during my "New Studies." Looks as though this blog may end up as a sort of diary?? Am getting hungry and will remember to share an image of breakfast.

Photography and an ability to share my images in a proper fashion, is the benchmark of this whole series, "New Studies," and, "Going Native."

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Studies II

New Studies - Daily Perseverance

Daily Perseverance

This will be my second entry into this log of daily "New Studies" to learn the World Wide Web. It may seem simple to some that know how to use this hypertext mark up language, yet for me, am a fifty-year old man. Have been hit in my head a lot over the years, I smoke, used to drug, and used to drink. So my mind is just about shot in comparison to a young fresh brain. Will give it the old college try to complete this journey. For instance, last night I glanced at the W3C site. And specked out something new. Java scripting. Actually added a working "button" to a blank page using the "codes" that were given to me. Along with all of the vocabulary that needs to be learned, there are rules about what can be used and what cannot be used when texting this stuff into Blogger. Will learn slowly and steadily.

I am able to toggle back and forth between this page which is a draft and a preview page provided by Blogger. For this particular post, my style had to be triple checked in order for the preview to look the way I would like. The text property of the paragraph element was missing a word, and the line-height I have set to 200% because the default value keeps text too close line-by-line. This is great fun and I hope to learn how to do the really "neat" stuff. Am using Notepad-plus-plus as a text editor because it is free. Am not a rich man and I can afford free. This software (Notepad-plus-plus) is licensed by GNU Operating System and is sponsored by the Free Software Foundation (fsf) . Am not sure how all of this works so far, but I plan on learning slowly yet steadily during my "New Studies." Hopefully in a few years I may be able to qualify to contribute to the endeavors of these folks that have kindly organized all of the "stuff." I really do hope that all of the links used are giving the proper credits to the people involved. If there is an error, please, inform me. This stuff is really cool and do not want to mess up. It is very important, what I just texted, and it has made me hungry for a snack. Am going over to the local market for some excellent snacks.

The reasoning behind my efforts to add these links is two-fold. In the lessons, the teachers say that including links in your page creates connectivity which is the core idea inside the World Wide Web Consortium ( And secondly, this will allow access any information needed as I work through each of these posts. Pretty neat. Possibly Blogger could become my homepage along with my browser. Yaaaay. This idea just popped into my head because learning this mark-up syntax for source code is going to become a serious project as my "New Studies" develop. Am going ahead with publishing this because of my journey to get sugar donuts and grape soda. Might take a while. May not be able to complete this post tonight, and am bound and determined to blog each day using html, style, and in a few days script. Had more posts included in this blog, but decided to delete them because the posting was intermittent and disorganized. Am hoping the steps that I am taking will encourage me to focus on blogging. Will not be able to snack as often as this post implies yet the sugar donuts and grape soda is one of my very most favorite snacks.

Finally! Got home with this snack. So darn delicious. Gave the address to this blog to Omar, the cashier, and asked him to take a look at the blog and to please leave a comment. Hope he gets the chance.

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Studies I

New Studies - Opened Doors

New Studies - Opened Doors

Have just begun watching videos using my browser to learn Hypertext Markup Language. This is my very first attempt to use this new knowledge. Am learning how to do this by watching This video. The advertisement is for a site writing program. Blogger is one of these. Blogger is free and is by Google which I really enjoy. My social media is Google Plus (not FB) and I have met some very nice folks there. Am watching many videos, yet this video has taken me further along in my "New Studies". Something one needs to watch carefully?... always, always close quotation marks when texting html. Pay particular attention to correct opening and closing elements to the syntax of hypertext markup language. Sheesh. Don't forget! The first thing I noticed while texting this paragraph is there is some type of dynamic sentence wrap included in Blogger which will make it much easier to learn how to develop this new found knowledge. The second thing that comes into my mind is excitement. Because learning this type of communication will enable me to get more involved with the Internet.

This morning, I read a small amount inside the W3C site. "Wow! This is so huge my head could explode," just like in the cartoons. I am texting this post and entry using the HTML toggle button located up to the left of the text-editing box. Normally, I would just put this up using the "Compose" toggle button. Photography being my passion that it is,... learning html will allow me to present my images in a more pleasing manner. Looked at a video about setting up an image gallery using Photoshop and another fine Adobe product named, "Dreamweaver," uploaded by Elias Sarantopoulos. What is really neat, I left a comment for him and he was kind enough to respond, so I have put these links into this post so that in the future, when ready, I will be able to find the information needed to further my studies. This is why these new studies are so very important: if I can stay focused and proceed on a step-by-step basis, in an organised fashion I will become a authentic member of Cyberspace.

Over time, I have learned by reading that it is wise to blog each and every day. Am going to try to put that into my daily regimen, kind of like a part-time job. Am at home, inside, most of the time. This should be an easy task. Yaaaay!! Am going to try. Spent a few minutes reminding myself how to "Style-It." This is kind of funny because one of the photography communities in Google Plus where I was a member was named "Style-It." Quite interesting. Am sure the owner of the community was playing with words (because she is a very intelligent woman: it took my studying html to learn for myself. Ha!

There is also Cascading Style Sheets that can add elements to a page. I did not create a new sheet, yet added some style by centering the heading of this post, indenting the paragraphs, and adding some space between the lines of text in the paragraphs. Am getting hungry, so will cook up some eggs and toast. I will add an image to keep with the theme of this blog

Just woke up. Had closed this for the night and when I came back there had been a computer generated re-write of my html tags and a re-positioning of my tags compared to text. This re-writing messed up the format that I spent so much time setting up. The styling. Added an image of my meal. Noticed that I need to buy a new glass to use in images. The glass in this image is quite scarred from use. Am viewing the href attributes of my anchor 'a' tag for the image. Will need to practice adding images by hand more often because that code looks like mumbo jumbo to me at this point in my new studies.