Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Studies II

New Studies - Daily Perseverance

Daily Perseverance

This will be my second entry into this log of daily "New Studies" to learn the World Wide Web. It may seem simple to some that know how to use this hypertext mark up language, yet for me, am a fifty-year old man. Have been hit in my head a lot over the years, I smoke, used to drug, and used to drink. So my mind is just about shot in comparison to a young fresh brain. Will give it the old college try to complete this journey. For instance, last night I glanced at the W3C site. And specked out something new. Java scripting. Actually added a working "button" to a blank page using the "codes" that were given to me. Along with all of the vocabulary that needs to be learned, there are rules about what can be used and what cannot be used when texting this stuff into Blogger. Will learn slowly and steadily.

I am able to toggle back and forth between this page which is a draft and a preview page provided by Blogger. For this particular post, my style had to be triple checked in order for the preview to look the way I would like. The text property of the paragraph element was missing a word, and the line-height I have set to 200% because the default value keeps text too close line-by-line. This is great fun and I hope to learn how to do the really "neat" stuff. Am using Notepad-plus-plus as a text editor because it is free. Am not a rich man and I can afford free. This software (Notepad-plus-plus) is licensed by GNU Operating System and is sponsored by the Free Software Foundation (fsf) . Am not sure how all of this works so far, but I plan on learning slowly yet steadily during my "New Studies." Hopefully in a few years I may be able to qualify to contribute to the endeavors of these folks that have kindly organized all of the "stuff." I really do hope that all of the links used are giving the proper credits to the people involved. If there is an error, please, inform me. This stuff is really cool and do not want to mess up. It is very important, what I just texted, and it has made me hungry for a snack. Am going over to the local market for some excellent snacks.

The reasoning behind my efforts to add these links is two-fold. In the lessons, the teachers say that including links in your page creates connectivity which is the core idea inside the World Wide Web Consortium (W3.org). And secondly, this will allow access any information needed as I work through each of these posts. Pretty neat. Possibly Blogger could become my homepage along with my browser. Yaaaay. This idea just popped into my head because learning this mark-up syntax for source code is going to become a serious project as my "New Studies" develop. Am going ahead with publishing this because of my journey to get sugar donuts and grape soda. Might take a while. May not be able to complete this post tonight, and am bound and determined to blog each day using html, style, and in a few days script. Had more posts included in this blog, but decided to delete them because the posting was intermittent and disorganized. Am hoping the steps that I am taking will encourage me to focus on blogging. Will not be able to snack as often as this post implies yet the sugar donuts and grape soda is one of my very most favorite snacks.

Finally! Got home with this snack. So darn delicious. Gave the address to this blog to Omar, the cashier, and asked him to take a look at the blog and to please leave a comment. Hope he gets the chance.

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  1. Hey, this is Omar, so this is what you were making. Looks nice! Sorry for the late response though, I was a bit busy.