Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Studies 1



Just watched the 29th and 30th video included inside Bucky's lessons.That link will connect you with the new boston dot com and a list of about forty videos this man has put together to help us all learn about source mark-up. Cannot either emphasize or for that matter RE-Emphasize the importance of watching the YouTube videos provided by Google. UNREAL! Today, I learned what Cascading Style Sheets actually defines. And as part of Bucky's lessons I will learn how to position different items on a page.This is the Beginning: will have to watch his videos as well as others AND accent the knowledge with information from W3schools.Over to the right there is a link to the "school's" homepage.

Writing this new CSS will probably not be possible inside Blogger so much. Will be able to use the Internal style sheeting, but inside my own computer with my own webpage development, it will be possible. This Blogger page you are seeing on the other side of the toggle to the actual site involves a lot of source. Just right click on a blank/empty spot on the page. A pop-up menu is going to offer options to click. Select the option, "View page source." See! All of that texted source is beyond my level, and involves external pages which organize the layout of my entire page. The position of items, the colors, copyrighted icons, et cetera. The composition of my entire blog (the webpage) is a part of the FREE service provided by Google on its Blogger site. Exactly like the FREE service provided by Google on the site, "YouTube." Only Blogger is for webpages and YouTube is for video uploads.

Blogger offers, for FREE, a toggle back and forth between html and the real world, and nothing else. If I were capable of designing a webpage layout (html, css, JavaScript, and many other forms of source) as nice as Google's, I would have my own site. By watching the lessons on YouTube accented (at this point in time 26jul16) by W3schools, I am on my way to developing my own website! Take my advise! Have started from scratch, not knowing html, and have moved up into css by following the lessons from the beginning to lay a foundation. With access to videos for review, the ability to study, and memorize the source, will be taking the "Beginning" steps into Cyberspace. Yaaay Am going off to do chores. 1900hrs

Went away for chores 2440hrs and have decided to step back for a day or two. Need to become fluent in html and css before stepping ahead. Need to become more familiar with manipulation of these two markup sources. Am getting ready to sleep now.

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