Thursday, July 28, 2016

Food 1-Lon's Chili

Found A Turtle-Messed Up My Plans

Found A Turtle-Messed Up My Plans

It's about 0250hrs. Am watering the outdoor plants because the temperature is cool and the plants will just love the attention. Am giving the drought-tolerant cactus a mist. The roses (mostly dead) and white-star jasmine (probably dead) will get a hard water.

Unreal. Was intending to focus on food. Was out gardening, and I found some sort of turtle or tortoise. It is NOT the endangered desert tortoise! Or I would have called someone

Went outside and found the turtle again. Decided not to capture the reptile. It has buried itself under the roughage in the image and had its head stuck out watching everything. Hope it will be okay. Do not know how long it has been out there. UPDATE: 19aug16 Friday. Have been keeping the area moist where I saw the turtle. Have not seen it since... will inspect the area tomorrow (as soon as there is light, today) to ensure it even stayed. Did complete a blog about Lon's chili con carne. The complete recipe is included with image included below the recipe.

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