Monday, July 25, 2016

New StudiesVI-Overview and Summary

New Studies VI

Eighth Day And Overview

Today, there has not been too much time for source studies. Need to manage my time more effectively. Have neglected my social media engagement inside Google Plus This is where I have made many excellent acquaintances and probably some like-minded friends. My passion is photography at the moment (last few years) and alongside flickr where I post a bunch of images, there is Google +. So today, I really needed to catch up. Post one and more images, socially interact. Computer stuff.

This is my idea behind learning this markup and source: "To be able to complement my computer life. My position in cyberspace." There are many ideas and accomplishments that I pick up from social engagement that I might otherwise have never learned. For instance, The Solar Impulse LIVE is a plane flying around the world using solar power. This link connects with the plane flight from Cairo through to Abu Dhabi and was able to view some of this journey... right at my finger-tips available on the Google landing home page.Here is another thing I would like to record for posterity...Prisma. This is an Apple Corp application that was made compatible for Android cells. This app. allows people to customize their images, and I may put it on my cell phone.There are just so many things to do. And managing time is difficult when a new project is added to our daily list.

This "all" is just so phenomenal that I want to learn and fast. Yet, there are chores and important things outside of cyberspace. Am headed to the ATM to get set up for another task. Am going to close with, "Darn no time." That is exactly how I would say this in the privacy of my own home.

Still have not gone to the ATM!! Things keep coming at me. These tasks need to be done. The air outside is permeated with smoke from a fire in California. Am noticing this as I prepare to step out the door. The sunrise this morning was a brilliant orange and am wondering about sunset. Hmm.

Just got back from the store/ATM. $4 for 5 cans of cat food. What a rip. They wanted $4.59 for a bottle of prune juice. I decided to buy it at another store. I love prune juice and warm stale grape soda. Not hot! Room temperature. Thought about closing statements for today's Post. Am working on a main page with seven other pages. Am linking them all together. A university level study. Am probably going to buy a dot com. Am beginning to think about external style sheeting. Hope to have more to share tomorrow. Am trying to stay awake until the sunset, to see about the color from the Sand Fire in California. Am going to check out the instruction manual for my cell. Maybe I can learn to add a post using the phone... if it is secure enough.

The sunset was unremarkable. Faced to the East, there was plenty of color. Will try to capture sunrise tomorrow morning.

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