Monday, July 18, 2016

New Studies I

New Studies - Opened Doors

New Studies - Opened Doors

Have just begun watching videos using my browser to learn Hypertext Markup Language. This is my very first attempt to use this new knowledge. Am learning how to do this by watching This video. The advertisement is for a site writing program. Blogger is one of these. Blogger is free and is by Google which I really enjoy. My social media is Google Plus (not FB) and I have met some very nice folks there. Am watching many videos, yet this video has taken me further along in my "New Studies". Something one needs to watch carefully?... always, always close quotation marks when texting html. Pay particular attention to correct opening and closing elements to the syntax of hypertext markup language. Sheesh. Don't forget! The first thing I noticed while texting this paragraph is there is some type of dynamic sentence wrap included in Blogger which will make it much easier to learn how to develop this new found knowledge. The second thing that comes into my mind is excitement. Because learning this type of communication will enable me to get more involved with the Internet.

This morning, I read a small amount inside the W3C site. "Wow! This is so huge my head could explode," just like in the cartoons. I am texting this post and entry using the HTML toggle button located up to the left of the text-editing box. Normally, I would just put this up using the "Compose" toggle button. Photography being my passion that it is,... learning html will allow me to present my images in a more pleasing manner. Looked at a video about setting up an image gallery using Photoshop and another fine Adobe product named, "Dreamweaver," uploaded by Elias Sarantopoulos. What is really neat, I left a comment for him and he was kind enough to respond, so I have put these links into this post so that in the future, when ready, I will be able to find the information needed to further my studies. This is why these new studies are so very important: if I can stay focused and proceed on a step-by-step basis, in an organised fashion I will become a authentic member of Cyberspace.

Over time, I have learned by reading that it is wise to blog each and every day. Am going to try to put that into my daily regimen, kind of like a part-time job. Am at home, inside, most of the time. This should be an easy task. Yaaaay!! Am going to try. Spent a few minutes reminding myself how to "Style-It." This is kind of funny because one of the photography communities in Google Plus where I was a member was named "Style-It." Quite interesting. Am sure the owner of the community was playing with words (because she is a very intelligent woman: it took my studying html to learn for myself. Ha!

There is also Cascading Style Sheets that can add elements to a page. I did not create a new sheet, yet added some style by centering the heading of this post, indenting the paragraphs, and adding some space between the lines of text in the paragraphs. Am getting hungry, so will cook up some eggs and toast. I will add an image to keep with the theme of this blog

Just woke up. Had closed this for the night and when I came back there had been a computer generated re-write of my html tags and a re-positioning of my tags compared to text. This re-writing messed up the format that I spent so much time setting up. The styling. Added an image of my meal. Noticed that I need to buy a new glass to use in images. The glass in this image is quite scarred from use. Am viewing the href attributes of my anchor 'a' tag for the image. Will need to practice adding images by hand more often because that code looks like mumbo jumbo to me at this point in my new studies.

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