Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Studies 2

Studies 2-Literal Studies

Literal Studies

Whew! Have been watching lots and lots of videos about html4, xhtml, html5, and css2. Great Fun!. My knowledge is increasing and am going to apply this knowledge to some of the stuff I have been writing locally (which means "inside" my own computer). To share exactly which stage my studies have landed me, look at this guy's video on YouTube. His channel is called tutor4u and with his help, after viewing his video, I am beginning to reach a clear understanding of css markup.

On another note, have been watching my rose shrubs die because of the temperature here in my town. And my Aloe has lost its healthy green color turning a dull brownish. Could probably keep them hanging on through the Summer, except water is so very precious during a drought. Therefore early next Spring my focus will be upon cacti. Give them a bit of water and toss them into an oven and they thrive. It is getting about time for lunch.

Tomorrow, I have planned on capturing an image showing a "Hawaii" theme. Am an avid "plusser," a user of the social media site named Google Plus. Am a member of a community on G+ named Weekly Photo Challenge and there are weekly themes. The challenge is to do your best and to capture one image for each weekly theme. 52 images altogether. The time is already 1630hrs, so this day is almost gone. Time is so precious. 1740hrs. This is what I have decided to do. Included in my earlier post about cactus are a few images. I have many. Am going to construct a website on my local drive about cactus. With my location and the drought it seems appropriate. The things I am learning are too cool to neglect. Too much fun. Below is the image I submitted for the Hawaii theme.

The reason Spam is in the photo is because of the Hawaiian Islands themselves. There are not many herds of cattle running around on the islands. Refrigeration is very expensive and Spam (at least on the smaller islands) has always been an alternative. Ask anyone living there. Canned meat is quite common. And on the other side of the coin are canned pineapples here Stateside. Pineapple is not common and when some is needed we buy a can. In Hawaii, we would be laughed off the islands.

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