Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Studies V

New Studies V

Use W3C Resources

This morning I have been looking at a new channel on YouTube. I can not Emphasize enough to check videos on YouTube. Look at, and examine the written material provided by W3schools, but videos are a lot more fun. This new channel I have connected with is great. Have viewed at least 10 -15 of his videos more than once. An excellent video instructor. Am beginning to think, because of the way this information is being shared and being taught that "transitional" really does apply because there is html 4.01,html5 (new elements for a/v), xhtml 1.0 (which is older) and CSS 2.0. Am thinking I have found the correct page to learn and read the current W3C "All Standards and Drafts" articles. Am going to start reading these myself, and for instance, there are articles on the best practices to use when authoring stuff.

Have decided to eat. Might fall asleep. Anyway, Do not have much more to say today except with emphasis Use your W3C resources. This is not easy yet using the resources makes this very fun... and to be honest, I do not see much of that except when capturing images and playing around on the computer (which is good actually). As I was just texting that statement, the thought of less fortunate hungry folks in Africa with HIV and AIDS with no money and no access to clean water popped into my head. So photography, computer work, and clean drinking water... isn't so boring after all. As far as the emphasis on resources... here is some trivia. In order to memorize something, it only has to be done 22 times while focused. And if the task is used once in a while to re-inforce the memory... we do not forget it. Simple trivia. Have added a link or two over to the side for W3Schools. Their site is very helpful and have noticed that color schemes hold a lot of importance to will be looking for a site that can help.

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