Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Going Native - Simply Roses I

Simply Roses

Simply Roses

Yesterday, I splurged. Bought a bouquet of roses. Anyway, below are some images.

"grâce élégante"

This rose above I named elegant grace in French. "grâce élégante" because for some reason I feel the French language is suited to these flowers

"Sereine Beauté - Serene Beauty"

"Romantisme Poétique"

I chose poetic romance for this image because my thoughts went to how this bouquet would be received... as a gift.


The name of this image came to mind because of the spot to the right of center. The brownish area down inside of the flower. It raised this question because I wasn't sure if it was shadow, light, or an actual blemish. If it is a blemish does it take from the beauty of the image?

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