Sunday, August 28, 2016

Going Native -Learning

Going Native - Sabbath Study

Sabbath Study - Learning

Have to learn to budget my time better. Am trying to keep these posts in sequence, am trying to capture a few quality images each day, and am keeping my apartment together. Plus have to keep up with my native source studies. Sheesh, time sure flies if one must sleep. And today is Sabbath which I just recalled to mind. Have been very busy. I want to look at Isaiah 13 today if remembering. And have decided to examine Psalms 40 in depth also. Today, Tuesday, 30 August 2016, I have decided to attempt a post about only one species of my cactus: Echinopsis chamaecereus. Also known as peanut cactus. Yesterday, was MacroMonday and MonochromeMonday on Google Plus. They are two communites I have joined. I shared an image last week of

Above is the desert evergreen that I shared to Monochrome Monday and the evergreen has not been identified yet. It is not a yucca plant. Do not know what they did on Google Plus but I do not like the new format for telephones. The pictures are cropped to fit telephones, they are cropping my images, so will use sites that present my images the way I captured the image. I will crop my photos if needed, myself.

Yep, have been into Google Plus a couple of times.Today is the 31st of August,2016, Even the way I use the mouse for responsive actions, is like a cell phone toy. People have figured out how to load images at 3(x) by 2(y) ratio, yet the images are way too small. And the way that people interact with a post is really messed up. If you make a comment it involves too much baloney. Instead of just commenting you are opening a window and it is very messy. Instead of trying to improve Google Plus, the techies have tried to re-invent the site for a cell phone. All I can say is that I will continue to make and receive telephone calls on my cell. When I am away from the R.A.M. and CPU speed of my computer, am conducting business and don't have time to play games on my cell phone.

Am guessing that kids whom are not involved with things when they are "out" have time to view the Internet on their phone.And/or people are saving money by purchasing a cell phone toy and using it as a computer instead of the real thing. I can understand saving money, yet when saving money I am saving purchase something to improve my lot in life... instead of stagnating with second-best. Many people are using cell phones yet I do not understand why they would do this at home. Plus, I am going to study up on privacy expectation on cellphones as it relates to legal responses to privacy invasion on cellphones. When people are using wifi with their cell phones, do they have the right to an expectation of privacy? Turns out when I re-booted, Google automatically toggled me to the new cell phone Google, so I guess I still have the option of using Classic Google Plus. Now I know what people are seeing on the new Google Plus -- my feeling still stand-- even though I toggled back to Classic. If cell phone baloney is what folks are seeing when I post an image... will stick with flickr and Blogger. Will just keep working with photography webpages and sites. Google Plus has about as much of my participation as Twitter. I go into Twitter about once a month, if that.

Today, 1 August 2016, Thursday. I went over to IE11 using a Yahoo browser. Have gone back to Google. There is currently nothing better than the combination I am using when on Google. YouTube functions properly, too. One of the major drawbacks on Yahoo was its abitlity to keep up with just an average texting speed. They have it timed for a one-finger peck. When typing on a real keyboard Yahoo just could not keep up.

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