Friday, August 5, 2016

Studies 3

CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model

Have been studying Cascade Style Sheets for the past couple of days. They are very exciting to me because the layout of the templates is customized on one sheet instead of cluttering up html documents. They add color and flavor to a webpage, beyond basic text. Have also learned to use caution when toggling back and forth between Blogger in my browser and the composition page. I must have deleted this introducion paragraph by mistake... this is the second time I have texted this. Below is a png (portable network graphics) image of what the box model looks like.

By Matthias Apsel (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Was surfing through W3schools and found an image gallery. So this is my project for this afternoon. The style is there to be learned. Need to make 2 rows though. And am going to try to get it into Blogger. Fun, fun, fun. Plus, was just staring at the page while getting my brain and head screwed onto my body, and over to the aside on the right is something about a slide show. As soon as this initial project is completed, will investigate.

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