Sunday, August 7, 2016

Studies 5

Statement Of Faith

Lon's Statement Of Faith

The time is 0535 hrs and I have been studying for Sabbath. The time period of the Jewish Maccabees, and the Greeks, Antiocus III "the Great", Ptolemy V Epiphanes (married Cleopatra I) to help me understand Christ's Seven Epistles inside the Revelation of Saint John.This has been one area of intense focus, for me. Am interested in the rulers of this time period, the common people living normal everyday lives, and the whole ball of wax. From the time around 230 B.C through to 100 A.D. There is a lot of information available in cyberspace that was neglected during my studies prior to my higher learning endeavors.The Apostolic and Patristic Ages.

Of course, Alexander III the Macedonian and his defeat of Darius III of Persia... The Birth of Christ Jesus, and the Apostolic Age as directly co-related to the formation of Western thought are important areas too. My early studies were very good and am thankful. Getting older I began, after noticing a deficiency, to increase my knowledge of this historically formative era of Western civilization. This has been an ongoing project for many years.

This was not planned. The path I have been following since accepting the grace and salvation given to me by God through the death and resurrection from death of His Son, Christ Jesus, anointed by the Holy Spirit as His only begotten Son, before His birth as described thoroughly inside Luke Chapter One, has led me to this specific post. The former sentence is my statement of faith in eternal salvation given to me by and through Christ Jesus freely offered as an unearned grace. Anyway, that's said! It is very integral among the Orthodox to have a statement of faith. When younger, I misunderstood... "the" statement is not static, but fluid, and grows as I grow in faith. Never changing, but growing.

I have been led here. Everything is in place. My secular (temporal) life is stable, and with this computer (temporal) I have access to the teachings of countless bishops and deacons (ethereal), and with this computer I have access to people (the body) with their teachings (ethereal), from all over the world. Having this daily weblog to post thoughts is so very valuable. I would hope that people add their own thoughts as comments below. When I would choose that someone read a specific post, I can ask an acquaintance to look at a post, and anyone can read the post. Blogger is phenomenal!! Thanks folks.

So tomorrow I will continue with my source studying. Today will be work on my customized homepage, and ///C:/ tasks. Need to start exercising more though. Am spending a lot of time here at the desk and I do not think this is good for health because it is too sedentary. Maybe this thought would make a decent post topic? Exercising in order to be a healthy blogger.

UPDATE: It appears that people are actually hitting this log post. Yaaaay! Three of about ten primary sources for my studies in Revelation are the Holy Bible, Koinonia House YT videos and this website.

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