Wednesday, August 3, 2016

External C.S.S. Stylesheets!

External Stylesheets

Very Excited

Have been paying extra-ordinary "care" the past few weeks. Today, it seems a lot of pieces to "the" puzzle are simply falling into place. My financial planning (it isn't worth much on paper yet a penny here and there) is going well. Will finish paying my bills in about 30 minutes and all is going as planned. Discovered a new technique style to do with shadows, finally; have been attempting, yet not succeeding. "Stick with it," is an old and wise adage. "Finally!", to emphasize how I feel. Kept practicing and the shadows are the way I would like them to appear. Will add an image to show my photography technique practice. As this series of weblog posts show, I have been really trying to develop source code for my own presentations. HTML and stylesheets. Am hoping to start JS and JScript soon.

UPDATE: 31 January 2017. Went through this post. This post is about six months old, and this exercise of re-writing the page has shown me that I am actually "learning" how to apply CSS styling. The process took quite a bit of time to comb neatly but the html does look better as well as the presentation. Before beginning this exercise I was wondering if the time spent studying was worth the effort... not any more. I am learning. Yaaaay!

New Photography Technique Development

The above image is a screen capture of the in-page CSS style for this post. I created it using Notepad ++ with an imaginary link to an imaginary stylesheet just to have as a visual example of what I have in this container inside the blogger template I have chosen. The in-page stylesheet will override the browser and blogger template styles.

Using the videos by thenewboston on YT, I have learned a lot of CSS syntax rules. May turn into a big project, but I may re-develop my Blogger Template in order to use these new tools. As a beginner, I would suggest looking at some of their videos. It is a casual way to study, and watching the videos at the New Boston is laid back. Prepared an egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast. Am going to step away for a moment to munch. Will share an image of breakfast when I come back

Egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast

Came back this morning, 5 August 2016, to add the "egg" image, and the, "egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast image." Am out of sequence and my daily blogs are not really daily because things have a way of happening. Things that alter my plans Am committed to blogging and owe it to myself to explain. Added a request in my header for comments yesterday, so that I would know if anyone visits LonsLens. Also suggested my Lon's Chili Con Carne post in July to an acquaintance on Google Plus. She and others must have looked at it because I got a few hits. Yaaay.

UPDATE: 15 August 2016. Have learned that I need a lot more review and practice at CSS development. Have learned a bit more in CSS yet am going back into HTML to review tags because I do not want to get ahead of myself. Also want to develop XML a bit. And am interested in studying the Google webdev tool... am not sure why yet would like to be familiar with it. UPDATE: 16 August 2016. Another thing I am noticing is the concentration on cellphones. This is a drawback for me because I don't like to wear glasses and my hands are worn from years of use. Lots of neat things I can download for my phone, yet they are already on this machine, soo... Am going to stick with the path that I am on right now. Am seeing JavaScript all over the place and "js", so this is definitely a must.

UPDATE: 31 January 2017. Have discovered a key to assist me in my CSS studies. Just do it. Have some spare CSS documents saved that can be used played around with the selectors, properties, and values. I say play around because if one makes a mistake, it is easy to correct. For instance, I am writing an essay on the Presidential White House Staff here in the States that has a CSS stylesheet. I practiced changing the background using the rgb (...) color space instead of the hex color space... just to see how it worked. Practice different things and have fun. This is very helpful.

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