Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Practise Inside Blogger

CSS Practice Inside Blogger

Practice Inside Blogger

Have gotten deeper into review. Like linking to my own webpages as well as linking to other's pages.Also, added an outside study to Blogger, but the elements were written in standardized syntax and my upload interfered with Blogger's template. Didn't look good at all. So for the time being, am going to just put up logs with screenshot images.For instance, the image below is a rough draft of what I am working on inside my own machine outside of my CSS and html studies.

I really do like the color scheme being used because it is pleasant to the eye, but it is getting difficult to read as more text is added. Plain black and white is out. Need to find a combination that works well for texting my information.UPDATE: 18 August 2016 Thursday. Have had a bit of studying, and have gotten basic web page development under control. Am going to go get something to eat and will be back with an example using the page posted above. This way the differences will be obvious.

Here it is. My first webpage. Yaaay. 18 August2016 Thursday. It is just a simple draft, yet can do about anything to it. One thing that really helped is float. It isn't float to the top of the page... it's floating up. Like up into a second level. And a lot of times my footers were underneath my floating properties.

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