Monday, August 15, 2016

Going Native - Sabbath Post

Going Native - Sabbath Post

Sabbath Post

This is a big day for me. Along with my study of Christ's Seven Letters to the Churches in Revelation, have decided to commit the studies to my first webpage. Am building this on my local drive until I can afford an account to have my own domain. Three of about ten primary sources for my studies in Revelation are the Holy Bible, Koinonia House YT videos and this website.

My brother's have spoken of and I will look at this homepage in a few minutes. Google has a site to help me. There are many things yet to learn before I am qualified to put my thoughts up onto our web. A whole list if I am to write my own site and not rely on someone else's templates, for instance. There are many machines that can view web sites that have to be considered. Accessibility is most important. And some folks are running different versions of windows; older versions display sites differently than newer versions. Network speed has to be considered also. Different factors that need to be developed, by me, in order to have a quality site. And am still learning to float different portions parts of my page to where they belong. So anyway, I have a long way to go before I am ready to have a site.

This afternoon, my focus will be the letter to the Ephesians at the beginning of Revelation Chapter 2. I have plenty of jumbled up notes that need to be committed to html. This will take plenty of work and time. This is where I am this Sabbath.Am looking at stuff to build my own pages, and it seems to all be cell phone orientated. Am wondering why? Can't see anything on a cell. Nor can one hear anything on a cell, unless tiny ear-piece speakers are added. I could listen to audio on a cell without having to bother looking at the screen. For me, this would be best.

Am going through W3school's html text formatting section. Reminding myself and having a review. Been looking at the "review" for 30 minutes. There is a bunch of stuff for my to learn. Buttons, forms, and other stuff. Will spend time on this, and think I will go through the CSS list of topics also.

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