Saturday, August 20, 2016

After Reviewing Going Native

After Review Thoughts

After Review Thoughts

After review, I learned that even with glasses it is almost impossible for me to read my books. Secondly, developing a Webpage using divs and blocks of color is a lot different after elements are added into those properties. Nothing fits in the box models correctly. Am just going to write my material, and then, put my Webpage together because this is fun. Publishing before the log post is done, will ensure that I can start having consecutive days represented on the date roll-over. I will work on developing a Webpage as long as I need to in order to post an image in this daily log. I have nothing better to do this Friday night and I really enjoy this blogging in code.

Planning is important I am seeing. I need images and am going to construct some kind of timeline. Wow. Work. haha. Yet a lot of fun. Have read the Wikipedia site about Ephesus

Am dtermined! Will use my magnifying glass to read the HTML. Have an assignment for the weekly photo challenge to complete this evening. The theme is sporting equipment and I figured out my image. Will share as soon as I am able. The time right now is 1630 hrs on 20 August 2016. have to eat lunch and ride the bus.Captured the image and a nice flower too. It is 2035 hrs. Not bad.

The above image is a jungle gym at a local park. Hope this satisfies the sports equipment theme.Am thinking it should, sports are sports. Have an image of lunch too. Meat and eggs.

This was a delicious lunch. Would have liked some crisps to go with the meal. And I saw this Crepe Mrytle shrub on the way to the bus stop and wanted to share. Quite a unique flower. Difficult to identify the common parts, like individual petals, reproductive organs, sepals.

Submitted this image to the Google + Photographer's Community. Hope they like it. Of course, I submitted the image to flickr Have had a flickr account for over five years, and have added some very nice images. I love photography.Crepe Myrtle is native to Southeast Asia as well as the Indian sub-continent. I believe this speciment to be an example of Lythraceae Lagerstroemia indica and it has adapted well to our Mojave Desert climate. This plant rarely receives a regular watering, stands about two feet tall, and is in a sidewalk planter. Am extremely hopeful that Going Native will enhance my ability to share my images and give me more exposure.Have just opened an account on Smugmug, yet need to learn more about that site. This image above isn't nice enough. The photographers on are very high-caliber so only the best will be put up by me, anyway. Almost forgot, my peanut cactus has a blossom. If it is still going to bloom tomorrow, will include an image on my Sabbath post.Yaaaay! Peanut Cactus is so beautiful and so very drought tolerant and hardy in this dry heat.

Am going to a local bird preserve this morning as the sun rises.The time is 0300 hrs during Sunday morning on 21 August 2016. Have researched the place and there appear to be many photo ops. Basically there are man-made open bodies of water for wild birds to use during migration. Water is so very scarce in this area with Lake Mead being at such a low level. Need to do more research to find exactly what the goals of the bird reservation people are hoping to accomplish.

Am impressed. The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve sounds awesome. I have seen a photo on that shows the Frenchman's and Sunrise Mountains from an angle I have never captured. The City managed preserve opens at 0600 A.M. and I have to sign in. Am not going to carry my tripod, yet will take binoculars along with my Canon and longer lens. Will fill in the details after I return home.Was sitting here putting on my boots getting ready, and am afraid this will have to wait. Am tired.

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