Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hacking Health - Back To Basics II

Keeping It Simple

Have been continuing my exercise regimen. Discussed in an earlier post, I have been doing a series of exercises to strengthen myself while being so sedentary. Sitting at this desk, viewing videos and studying; blogging as well, it is only wise to exercise and have activity. One must move in order to keep their blood filtered and digestive system processing food properly. The exercise motivates me somehow. I have been experiencing an acute lack of motivation... to do anything. My house must be kept in order, gardening accomplished, managing my budget, and growing as a photographer. Sheesh. Sometimes it seems, to me, I am going no place quickly.

Exercise Routine

I have been having a fun time developing an exercise regimen and have been accomplishing this goal for quite some time. Am thinking it is time to set down a more professional exercise "routine." There are some very interesting blogs that have information for nerds and geeks that would like health. A bunch of what I read was about people very busy trying to make time for exercise and this is not "my" problem. Staying motivated causes me to most trouble. Some things that I have noticed in my daily life are simple differences. One of my goals is countering my bone and joint pain with muscle strength:

  • Opening heavy doors with confidence
  • Getting out of bed and not falling
  • My left shoulder doesn't hurt as much
  • The adductor muscles inside my groin area aren't as painful
  • Strengthening my knees and ankles so that I can walk with confidence. The key is not to over-work the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This is one of the most important aspects of my "hacking health."

An Orderly Home

Am watching a video, the 1985 version of Dune, authored by Frank Herbert, on YouTube. The uploader has neither butchered (cut) the plot nor altered the digital signature, so it is over four hours in length. After the show is over, I will clean my apartment. Especially the floors. I love clean floors. In addition, I was able to purchase my 1956 GE stove from the landlady. Am going to start the restoration, today.




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