Monday, January 9, 2017

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas - Idiosyncrasy And Distinctiveness

North Town (North Las Vegas) is a really crummy city. Fringes of Las Vegas. Low-income housing and poor folks. Was doing my laundry the other day and was pondering my town. And then, noticed this guy helping a woman. Jorge at the laundry mat.

The Homeless Guy

This guy laying here this morning woke me up to somethings that I have forgotten. I have been homeless, and had a rough go of it. This guy is a nieghborhood fixture. Our neighborhood is rough, crime ridden, and very poor. Mostly illegal immigrants. Yet, this guy is safe, so he has chosen to frequent the area. Am sure it is mainly a safety concern. He has lost one of his arms, probably caused by congenital amputation. For him I think it was the drug Thalidomide. Because his legs are really messed up too. A complete and total physical wreck.

Image of The Homeless Guy asleep

I recognize the blankets. Wanted to slip him a ten dollar bill, but just plain didn't have the hard cash. He is sleeping behind a walk being used as a wind-break right in the middle of a small complex of shops. There are tons of outreach organizations in Las Vegas. He probably drinks more than they will permit. There are rules to receive housing. This first image is up close. The second gives a bit of perspective on where the man is actually sleeping. No one is bothering him and most people don't even know he is there.

Image of the homeless guy from a distance

The moment I captured the above image, a lady was walking by the homeless guy with her dog. Was standing out front having a smoke and the pup even let me scratch its head. Apologize for the quality of the images. Was using my cell and rushing.

At least the dog had a nice personality.

Urban Blight

When I speak of my neighborhood, the image below describes my neighborhood, although, there are good things.

The guy at the laundrymat has been working there for ages. Always greets me with a, "Hello, Sir." His name is Jorge, and I had permission to take his photo.

Idiosyncrasy And Distinctive Character

The reason I am writing this blog is about the duality of my neighborhood. The homeless guy and the view (above) of the harshness of my neighborhood is contrasted with the good things. Was just standing there and Jorge starts helping this lady. The weather was crummy and he was busy.

A Helping Hand

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