Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hacking Health - Healthy Avocado Sandwiches

Hacking Health - Healthy Avocado Sandwiches

Am having a wonderful day. Woke up, exercised, and got right into my computer work. Have a bunch of plans working inside my head that I do not want to forget. Listing of my thoughts is complete. Made the most excellent sandwiches for dinner. Yummo.

Prepping The Veggies

Check out that color. Yummy! A buck and 69 for that avocado. Avocados are healthy, packed full of vitamins, and avocados are known for containing good fiber and healthy fats.

Above, the avocado is neatly sliced. The avocado slicer is a kitchen "gadget" made specifically for savory (block) cheese slices. The tool slices the avocado wonderfully... this is obvious, hey?

Ready To Eat

Have my chips ready to go and my drink. Am including this image because one should note the remaining avocado w/seed and container. This is the proper way to store unused avocado. Will include an image or two of the results of this storage technique inside this post.

An image of my sandwiches with chips and a drink

Have everything set out for this image because this shows the ingredients with a written recipe... a visual recipe. One can examine the image and decide for themselves how to proceed with the sandwich preparation.

Ready To Eat

A close-up image of my sandwiches

So I went all out with avocado, tomato sans bacon. Quite refreshing. A good sandwich is an art form.I love avocados. Am going to share how to keep them in the refrigerator. And how I get the slices "just right."... below.

Lon's Avocado Slicer

An image demonstrating the use of a block cheese slicer for fresh avocados

I had a half-an-avocado left over. Want to share how to store left-over avocado so it will not lose taste. First, note the container up above in the second image. This is the container I will use... the seed is still inside the half to keep fresh. Second, below note the two images day old avocado I am posting today

Stored for Two-days

This avocado is left-over from the meal above. Note the same piece of fruit in the images above.

Image of an avocado stored for 2 days

Using my avocado slicer (block cheese slicer) I cleaned up the fruit. The fine results are shown below.

Cleaned up and ready to eat.

I used this halved avocado in the illustrated recipe below this image.

Image of an avocado stored for 2 days that has been cleaned up

Avocado, Tomato, Egg Sandwich Spread

All leftovers. And will start my exercise regimen as posted in an earlier blog. And then will upload the images of my sandwich spread. The whole idea is staying focused on what I have been blogging. It is taking a lot because I am "really" not motivated but I have done two sets of sit-ups and different leg lifts. Whew. Am having a very bad attitude today. Am just sitting here watching YouTube after having completed plenty of exercise. Waiting on dinner (baked fries) and my attitude is much better. It is wonderful what exercise does for us (me). I feel much more relaxed... calmer. Am so thankful I started doing this.

25 January 2017; Update; 1644 hours

Woke up hours ago. Finally, am getting a little motivation as it gets dark outside. Dang. Puts a damper on gardening, yet I did capture a couple of images. While processing them I ran across the images below describing my "fresh" homemade sandwich spread. This stuff turned out to be quite utilitarian. I used it as a chili con carne topping as well as a sandwich filler. Half a large Hass Avocado that cost me $1.69, half of a 0.25¢ Roma tomato, one boiled egg, bread, and some spices was used to constuct three meals. Filling meals. Wow. And I am thinking quite nutritious meals at that. I have been neglecting my fresh veggie intake. Will monitor veggie intake a bit closer.

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