Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hacking Health - Putting It All Together


2139 hours

Started an online course at Alison.com. The "course" is named Diploma in html5, css3, and Javascript. And let me just say, "These folks mean business and they are not screwing around. Am continuing my exercise regimen... did three sets of six push-ups. It is funny because when I started blogging about hacking health, I could barely manage One! And in a few minutes I will start three sets of twenty sit-ups: funny because before, I had difficulties. Below, is an image of this morning's dessert/treat.

Cookies With Milk

Image of cookies with dip

There was a jumping spider that visited earlier during the week and I captured images while it was sitting on my heater. The spider may have gotten vacuumed up when I was sweeping the rug. Am not sure, yet I think it tried to hop away while I was in mid-stroke. Ha. Am sorry to have lost the model because the heater images were out of focus.

Now back to this code course and exercise.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

0351 hours

Have been studying for hours. Decided to have a break for some chow. I am very happy to have been applying myself to this free course.Sure is fun and the time is well spent! $$$$ Ha! Thank You so very much. Moving around between CSS and HTML is already getting easier... literally over-night. In order to keep it up there are some rules that I learned back at college. Three credit "hours" a week means at least three hours of instruction time. In order to maintain a level of learning that suits me, three hours of instruction time obligates me to double that time studying what has been taught. Even composing this blogspot counts as far as I am concerned. I will need to utilize what Mr. Tabor has taught me.

Alongside this, I need to keep up my healthy hacking. Which is quick nutritious chow and the exercise. Yaaaay! It appears that applying myself to this blog is paying dividends.

0500 hours

Just finished eating most of my dinner. Will pick at it, relax, and ponder the rest of my time

2200 hours

.Went to bed. Dinner (below) made me sleepy. I have really been monitoring what is included inside packaged food. The quick meal I ate included real turkey (as opposed to what? I am not sure) and the same with the 100% "real" potatoes. Makes me wonder why the company is so proud of "real" potatoes. What's in baked packaged potatoes when the "real" logo is not on the package. Reading the ingredients is very important.

100 % "Real" Potatoes

An image of baked french fries

I wrote a simple blog post about a meal put together about a month ago. There are images of the ingredients included inside the post article that show exactly why it is worth the time to read what is inside the package. Instead of trusting the images on the package.

The dinner that made me sleepy was not much, yet was "real!!"

"Real" Turkey Sandwiches

Inside that jar is some honey that I thought to thaw. It has been out a while, so am not sure about it. Will do a bit of reading to learn. It is staying solid. Hmmm.

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