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New Year's Eve - Vegas 2017

New Year's Eve - Vegas 2017

Exactly 2400 Hours

No one was synced to computer time!! Heard the sirens and bells go off for about five-ten minutes marking the New Year. Was up by Inspire, and the folks on the roof were the first. At about 11:55 P.M. Up top on the party floor, it was standing room only and the young folks were very excited, so who can blame them!! The image below was captured when the siren went off at Inspire and is fuzzy because I was caught up in the moment.

Precisely 2400 hours.

The last second of 2016 leading into the first second of 2017. This image is a lot clearer and shows what people were feeling just outside the Fremont Street Experience. These are the working people that were wise enough to stay outside of the standing room only Experience... yet as you can see the people did not miss "The Experience."

Up over my left shoulder is the roof of the Inspire. The noise was so loud Downtown that when I reached the other side of LVBS, onto the actual Fremont Street Experience, I heard other bells sounding the New Year. I captured a nice image of the Hacienda Horse and Rider (part of the Neon Museum).

The image below was captured seconds after 2400 hours and shows just how crowded the celebration was outside of Viva Vision.

The organizers have seen fit to charge an entry fee to the FSE over the past few years, so I took my $20.00 down to the El Cortez and gambled. No big wins for me but lots of excitement just the same. Would have paid the money to be inside that cherry picker basket, and am guessing that money means different things to different people.

Cherry Picker

Contented myself with the tens of thousands of people and activity inside the Downtown Las Vegas area. Captured some mighty fine images here, also. Jackie Gaughan lived on the top floor of his El Cortez Hotel tower, and he was one of the original businessmen here. Today, the El Cortez anchors the FEED area of Downtown Las Vegas.

El Cortez

Jackie Gaughn even has his own street. The Ogden Tower had to arrange for this because of its location relative to the El Cortez. Guess it worked out well for both parties involved. As the Fremont East Entertainment District gains importance, the El Cortez having the private pedestrian walkway/entrance/entertainment area will be significant.

The Ogden

The image below illustrates "why" the trade was made between the Ogden and the El Cortez. The other side of the Ogden Tower shades Jackie Gaughan Pkwy during the summer sun.

The Ogden and El Cortez

The image below illustrates the importance of Jackie Gaughan Parkway. There is room for some of the most beautiful roses on display in Las Vegas rivaling The Venetian Roses as well as the World Market Center roses.

El Cortez Parkway Entrance

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