Friday, December 30, 2016

Indoor Gardening

Texas Mountain Laurel

Am sorting everything today, for my indoor trees. Will get them sprouted and strong before taking outside... probably next Spring. Have already called an indoor gardening shop to start arrangements for some decent lighting. Am setting up for Texas Mountain Laurel Trees and Ornamental Plum.Planted three laurel seeds and two plum seeds in two planters right up against the door. It is day three for three of the laurel seeds and day one for the two plum seeds.

The above image is Texas Mountain Laurel. Captured during 2015,Sophora secundiflora is an awesome shade tree. Once these are sprouted will purchase some grow lights to keep the plants healthy for a season or two indoors. Will transplant them when ready. Below are some of the seed pods.

UPDATE: December 29th. Nothing sprouted. This is trial and error. Will research online... Do I need to supply radiation to the plant bed to encourage growth. Have noticed something that bothers me because I didn't notice it already. I have not published this post and the dates are changing as I add information. Can note that this post was begun 3-4 days ago. (which would make the begin dates December 26th.Below is one of the laurel seeds just before planting. Soaked the unopened pods in water to soften and opened them.

The containers I have put the seeds into are right next to my door. That way I can easily move them outdoors when the weather permits. One image is pulled back so that the door gives some size perspective. Below:

I have an indoor cat, so I covered the containers with wire.
UPDATE:10jan17. Am still at it. Kind of slacked off. None of the seeds have sprouted and I ended up buying a litter box for my outdoor feral cat that lives inside. He is leaving the planters alone. Am going to start exploring alternatives to get these seeds to sprout.

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