Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Photos While Out 12-5-16

Photos While Out 12 5 16

Photos While Out 12 5 16

While at the neighborhood laundry, stuck my head out the door. The sunsets of Las Vegas amaze me.

Captured quite a few images of this bright orange sunset and will share two more. It was a chilly, windless unban evening.

Will round up some others to show that this particular evening is not unique. Eastern Mojave Valley sunsets are awesome

The day this image above was captured included a flash flood warning. Deceptively peaceful. The tower at the center is named Stratosphere Tower. The golden building to the right is Trump's Tower. This image is captured from North Las Vegas, looking south upon the Las Vegas Strip. Quite a unique perspective.

The desert is strange. The above image was captured at roughly the same spot as the next image. The color difference is obvious. Could have been standing in the exact same location.

I even named the image above... "Blue Sunset."

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