Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hacking Health - 24 Hours Of Food

Hacking Health - 24 Hours Of Food

Healthy Hacking -24 Hours Of Food

A Quick Healthy Breakfast

Half a cup of old-fashioned rolled oats, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and one tablespoon of strawberry jam. Yummo. Over the years have become accustomed to oat for breakfast. I even enjoy just plain boiled oats, if they are cooked the way they taste best to me. Have tried many other's style, and have learned the hard ways that mine are best to me. Prepared with a 2-to-1 ratio of water-to-oats, at a slow boil. I would guess that each person has to learn to cook the oats to their own preference.

Starting with a healthy start to my day with oats, will go through 24-hours of food in this blog. Eating is so very important when spending so much time on the computer. Am old and single so can choose what I want to do. Got into photography and then moved into other computer things, without the corresponding changes to my health care. This was a mistake. Got soft as butter and my diet was yucky.

A Filling Lunch: Healthy and Quick

Turns out these were not as filling as I thought so added some store bought chicken fingers, below.

Homemade Spicy Dip For Chicken Fingers

  • 2-3 tbsps of mayo
  • 1 tbsp. of yellow mustard
  • 1tbsp. of sweet pickle relish
  • 1 tsp.of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp. of green habanero sauce

As you can see by my previous posts and this post, I like quick, easy, and healthy foods.

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