Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hacking Health - Back To Basics

Hacking Health - Back To Basics

Hacking Health - Back To Basics

Am going to stick with my new exercise regimen developed over the past few days. Am going to focus on Chrysta Rae's Scavenger Hunt, which is photography, for a couple of days,... intensely. Plus, while inside out of the cold, am going to re-acquaint myself with html5 and css. Maybe, purchase my own unique domain name, so that I am not writing inside Blogger's container. This will allow me to learn more and become more developed as a blogger. Feeling the urge to move up and that I have not been challenging myself, except am quite uncomfortable physically.

20dec16: have been at it since 0700 hours this morning. Muscles hurt, worse than usual. Sure hope this exercise regimen pays off. Am hoping that strength will compensate for the damage that has been done.The time is 2120. Captured some images today and wore myself out. Time for bed. May have balanced my sleep hours. Hope so.

22dec16: Was literally ill yesterday so was only at my desk about two hours. Cannot remember the last time I was ill. Hmmm. Today, am headed over to Best Buy to purchase a wireless headset. My brother scheduled some time to speak with me on Skype. He is very busy and knows a lot about computers, so he has agreed to allow for some uninterrupted time to speak with me. If there is something important, he is always there for me. Don't misunderstand me. This is just to chat. Am really looking forward to the time.

UPDATE:December 27th. We have been given an extension for the Scavenger Hunt. I need to capture images for three more categories. Have submitted four images out of the seven catagories. Have been maintaining my exercise regimen. Am sitting here now using my ten pound barbells in my chair. I just lift the weights up and do a set of ten repetitions for each movement. Am able to endure the exercise comfortably and my strength is increasing. What is really cool about this endeavor I have undertaken, Healthy Hacking, I am exercising,... have food set up that will take just a short time to prepare,... and am composing an addition to this post while reading my e-mails, and surfing. Have been sorting my images for another year that is about to begin. Found some nice photos, too. Yaaay! Cool stuff. Am getting prepared to view "friends online" category in my bookmarks to see their blogs. It makes me feel good to do this, and cannot get enough of it.

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