Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Ideas - Daily Thoughts

New Ideas - Daily Thoughts

New Ideas - Daily Thoughts

It's about exercise!! I have been concentrating on food as well. This post illustrates the focus.

One thing that has caught my attention is genetic modification of our food at the cellular level. Its nutrition and the time taken to prepare. Today is Sunday. Friday 9 December 2016, I did some sit-ups and other light exercise. This morning I will do the same. Slept through Saturday.Literally.Time to nap, now.

Am ashamed of my weakness and endurance levels. Sheesh. Suffice it to say, I did some sit-ups and leg lifts. And a few odd exercises. Really have learned.

UPDATE: December 12th. Have done some exercise used my dumbells. Am letting my shoulders rest. Just ate so won't sit-up or leg lift for about one hour. Am going to keep this up.

UPDATE:December 13th. Guess this is day three. Did "basic" exercizes again today. Still a long way to go. When I am strengthened enough to share the pitiful quantity or repetitions, I will. Too few at the moment. Think I will just get into the habits, and develop with time.Right now, will sit-up, leg lift, and pick up barbells.

UPDATE:December 14th. Day 4. Am still doing exercises. Yaaay! I am doing 10 sit-ups with 3 repetitions. There is an adductor muscle squeeze. My legs are screwed up so this exercise is neccessary. I put a pillow between my legs and squeeze. Three repetitions of ten. This I do while sitting in my chair,... they can be done laying flat and also laying with knees raised.Nothing fancy as illustrated below. Also, today the yard needing tidying and I used my new pinchers for the first time.

The most important things at the moment are one, not to overdo the exercise and to follow through.

UPDATE: December 15th.Thursday. Am resting today in order for my muscles to recoup from my work the past few days. I need to get out to capture some images, and I have a long term goal. To be able to walk for an extended period of time which will require another commitment. Photography is my favorite pastime alongside computers. Going out and walking is a way to capture images and accomplish some light exercise. Have to remember that I am damaged. Some things will never recoup. Something of importance that I forgot: I went to a meeting with other bloggers way over on the South side of town. A neighbor drove me over there, and it took four hours to return by bus. While I was there two things of major signifigance happened, one, interfaced with the Internet using my cell phone for the first time and left a comment on this very blog. Am having difficulty trusting wireless privacy. Am going to research this as time passes, also. Two, I may have come up with a site name for a blog when I improve my code writing skills... "Nine-fingered Code Monkey." The date is 15 December 2016.
As I sit here posting this entry, am noticing how different my muscles... my body in general... are feeling. The sensation is wonderful. Guess I have been couped up for too long. It is later in the day, now, and can say that I have tired quickly and am clumsy.

UPDATE:DEcember 16th. Yaaaay. This is the sixth day in a row. Was feeling sore and crumby last night. Stayed awake almost twenty hours. Went to bed about 6 A.M. this morning, Friday. Woke once yet slept until 3 P.M. when Fed Ex delivered my photo frames.

Had a cup of coffee and decided upon more sleep. And finally decide to stay awake at 8 P.M. Along with exercise and eating habits, will begin to focus on redeveloping sleeping habits that are conducive to productive blogging It is all about healthy hacking.Have started watching a series of lectures on YouTube about Computer Architecture. Seems quite interesting.

UPDATE:Am still at it. December 17th. Saturday. Feel good after taking a day of rest and repair for this old bod of mine. Am continuing with some light exercise and am thinking about going out for some images. Viewbug has a challenge named "Show your city." Need an entry for this.Have done a round of exercises (a set) and am starting to get a plan organized in the way of approaching this light exercise. Basically, I want to be able to get up and down off the ground with a reasonable amount of comfort instead of grunting and groaning. Panting while trying to get up and down when accomplishing my sit-ups.

UPDATE:December 18th. Sabbath. Almost slipped today. It is 1900 hours (am going to stop using am and pm) and have slept most of the day. My sleep habits are still messed up, but I have an orange flavored cake in the oven!!

Need to get on with my exercise and html5 studies. Get back to ground... kind of lost focus today. Sure am glad to have this post up to remind me of my focus.

Update:December 19th. Exercised and captured some images. Am watching a video about websites. Everything is okay today. Alongside watching the videos, am planning on creating a spreadsheet checklist in order to monitor the progress in my exercise regimen. Yet, am feeling like a nap. Wrist is agony. And watered, moved some of my planters out front around. Called my landload about buying her stove. Am trying to buy this stove from the landlord because it is so neat. There are a lot of broken parts, missing knobs, parts rebuilding, and labor to go into restoration. It's a keeper.

It's really cool... 1956 GE. Have an image somewhere that I will upload upon waking up. Need to make a tobacco run too. It is almost 2300 hours so until tomorrow then.

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  1. Am at the meet up. First time I have accessed a site using my phone.