Friday, January 6, 2017

Hacking Health - Routines

Hacking Health - Routines

Developing A Routine

Alongside eating well, gardening, exercising, budgeting, and blogging, has to be a schedule to accomplish these goals. This morning I have been awake about and hour-and-a-half... it is now almost 0300 hours. So far I have cleaned the sleep out of my eyes, read my mail, read my news, and am thinking of the day ahead. Designed a basic little logo, and changed my page layout on this blog.In the future, I can post larger images. Need to go into a forum to learn how to add my logo onto my header. Have to get ready to go to the doctor's office (Again). Done, ate, and am headed out the door.


Made it back in one piece. Yaay! Just a bit over five hours to take care of that task, and good riddance. Was starving by the time I got home, what? With all the exercise and only a small breakfast. The first thing I did was put a batch of left-overs together for a filling dinner.
Accomplished a major task yesterday, the cost being thirteen hours of sleep and waking up feeling miserable. Have been awake a couple of hours, and am beginning to feel human. Will begin exercises shortly. Began exercises and have decided the reason I am feeling so tired and sore is that I overdid my exercises yesterday. Will just sit here as a tree stump today and let my body heal. I just went to get money from an ATM and it was working for a change. During my walk, along with other walks, I have noticed that it is just plain more pleasant to walk. This can be attributed to my "core" exercises. Sit-ups, leg lifts, standing knee lifts as well as walking a bit more often. Walking used to be painful even for very short distances. I still need to sit for a bit of a rest, but it is more comfortable to me.

Have been pondering over Trump and his cabinet, and have started a webpage. This is what I will accomplish today while a tree stump. Continue work on my Executive leaders in Trump's nominees. The cabinet including the President of the Senate, includes twenty other key leaders. Trumps's Nominees are listed at this site.
UPDATE:13jan17. Am still assembling the webpage about Donald Trump's Executive Cabinet positions. The Cabinet is quite complex, much more complex than I anticipated. The organization of Offices has changed since completing my political science courses. I will complete the webpage because I am finding the assembly of information quite enlightening. Am still doing light exercizes. Am up to five push-ups with confidence, and 20 sit-ups with confidence and am trying, as a goal, to accomplish three "sets" of each.

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