Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Healthy Hacking - How To Prepare An Omelette

Healthy Hacking - How To Prepare An Omelette

Last night I set out the beginning of my day with a list: wake-up, coffee, exercise, and Alison course... no You Tube. Have been awake a few hours and have accomplished this list of tasks. It really excites me that I followed my suggestions from last night. While sitting here sipping on a cup of coffee (mud, joe), I ran across some images of meals that need to be shared to keep my blog posts up to speed. As soon as I sleep a bit will post images showing my latest omelette and the avocado-tomato-egg sandwich spread. This sandwich spread is more of a dip than spread, just depends on perspective... I have bread and don't have any crisps.

Prepped Tomatoes

When preparing an omelette, get everything ready. Here in this image are diced and prepared tomatoes. Before going much further, put a skillet onto a burner and get it hot. Prepare the eggs with seasonings to whisk, whip, or mix vigorously. For this omelette, I added some sliced cheese food (artificial cheese) which is unwrapped,pieced and waiting along with the prepared tomato seen below. Once the skillet or pan is hot, I added some spray oil and almost immediately poured the prepared eggs into the skillet. Make certain the pan bottom or cooking surface is hot, and the oil covers the entire cooking surface.

Finished Meal

Cover the eggs after they are poured into the hot skillet. Let them fry a bit. Then, I added the prepared tomatoes and the cheese that I had set aside, on one half of the frying eggs. The frying eggs look like a pancake only made out of eggs. I re-covered the mixture to let it cook. Checking almost constantly, I waited until the eggs were fully cooked and the cheese slice had melted; then carefully I folded the empty half over onto the half with the added ingredients.

Really use caution and take enough time to fold the omelette half over the other half. Watch the cooking omelette so as not to over cook, and it will look neat and tidy just as this. Can see the bread is at the ready, and personally, there is a side of beef/potato hash in that bowl. I am a big fan of habanero sauce as my spice. Can see a greenish drop over to the side displaying its color.This morning (25jan 17) as this blog is being texted out, I am getting into the mood to have an omelette.Am going to add this image to flickr.com, also.

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