Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Desktop - First Post

New Desktop - First Post

New Desktop

Am surprised how many games and such are included with this desktop. As soon as I can navigate properly on this machine am planning on removing all of the cell phone type add-on thingies. This is a working machine and I am not interested in cell phone gadgets. Like I have posted before, I make telephone calls with my phone. With my computer, am planning on my photography. Am not sure where to load my pocket wizard files so will wait. Am trying to get my anti-virus stuff uploaded... this has all sorts of Mcfee type stuff that they have set up so a new user will accidently upload. Will use "choose" something else, I am thinking.

Have been on this for a few hours now, and is starting to get loosened up. Got my camera software on here okay. Just need to find an activation code for Office and then I will be able to read all of the documents created over the last seven years.

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