Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Maintaining Goal Set

Maintaining Goal Set

My four goals, exercise, gardening, computer, and photography. Have to stay focused. Have been using HTML5 and CSS regularly, yet need to keep "growth" in mind. Am getting ready to go out to collect images. just doing basic chores and stuff too. Like yesterday, I had to spend most of the day getting to the doc's and pharmacy (great bus system and lengthy). Thank god for pain meds and coffee. The clerk that gave me my prescription started a lecture on alternatives and how he didn't "believe" in using controlled substances. I reminded him of tylenol and beer. Great! He probably doesn't have a problem moving the instant he tries to get out of bed in the morning. Getting up out of my chair to take a pee is difficult to say the least. Wish I was as strong and had the constitution of a real man. Anyway, am going to fix a quick breakfast and head out to collect images. Hope I can walk. Have an image of a cool plant I found yesterday at the doc's, below

Saw two lady birds and captured some images yet they ended up being too bright to use. This upset me a lot. The climate here is so dry, that insect life... any life images are precious. Am also going to work on my mulch heap today. Have the necessary chicken wire and need to sink four posts. This will be the difficult part. Yet after I get home. Am going to leave this blog for the time being.

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