Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Desktop - Day Two

Day Two - New Desktop

Opinion: Windows 10 Is Just A Bloated Copy Of Android

I keep getting a popup asking how I would like to open documents. Documents I wrote on another computer that were migrated to this one. Would like to open them using the program that I used to created them. Why ask? It is really annoying.

UPDATE: I have removed the Mcafee bloat that came with this computer package. Windows Defender and Spybot will suffice. Mcafee had 17 different processes running. Am noticing a lot of processes running in Windows 10. Similar to "div" itis in HTML5, I think. Another thing I am noticing about Windows 10 is that the GUI on the desktop is very unimaginative and colorless. As I use it more, it seems as though this desktop is a bloated cell phone. Except for the processor, caches and hard-drive storage. Have a lot to learn in order to remedy this. Plus there are Dell add-ons that came with this package that aren't even compatible with Windows 10. I deleted this garbage. There "was" a nice 3D package, yet required the purchase of another half. If I ever want 3D will purchase a "complete" package of my own choice. Would like to figure out how to stop Microsoft "Edge" from opening anything. Nothing. Google is supreme. I have Internet Explorer as a secondary. And "Bing" is just as obnoxious.

What is important and I must remember? Is that Microsoft has to design desktops for a novice user. So that it can just be plugged in and work. Am just disappointed in how amateur the Windows appears to me. XP looked a lot better and Windows 7 being a step-down in appearance, this Windows 10 is another step down. This is my opinion and I have a right to it. Windows 10 desktop is just like an over-blown tire chalk (cell phone). Lazy techies didn't even design a desktop calculator. It is an exact replica of the cell phone screen on Android.

My next project is how to change the sounds upon notifications. Default makes me want to vomit. Oh, and you know that stupid Cortana thingie that takes up storage space on Android? It is default on Windows 10. Found where to delete it, yet there is not a "search" text box on the sicking attempt at a start menu. So am worried if I delete Cortana, I will not be able to text anything into search on the start menu. And if I were a gamer, these default settings on start might be good... for children's games. I have it almost set-up... yet there is an annoying green icon for xbox. It is some kind of thing to buy. Sheesh. Could search for that on Google. Just more wasted space. Like I would have any money to spare.

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