Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maintaining Goal Set 11 March

Maintaing Goal Set

Have been in kind of a slump. No motivation. Nothing. Bummed out. Was going to leave yet there must be a reason for everything. I think it was because of the pain, its limiting me, and my disappointment (trauma) of having to change computers. Something happened to the on/off switch of my Optiplex. My kid brother bought me a new machine. Flat out awesome, hey? He knows the challenges life presents me. His gift really takes the edge off of things.

I am going to repair my old machine and use Window 7. Windows 10 might be okay yet this machine is linked into another "new" browser named Edge. Instead of continuing to perfect Microsoft Internet Explorer the techie have decided to start from scratch with Edge. Instead of allowing their customers to navigate inside a brand new unfamiliar machine with a familiar browser, they have issued another set of problems to overcome. Was really looking forward to using this machine with an uncorrupted version of IE, yet it seems I will use Google. This will be fine until I am competent enough to use Linux. Am going to start using that because for instance I cannot remove "Edge" from this piece of my property without messing up its core capabilities. There "was" this talking thing on here. I removed it. Search is sufficient. I don't talk to machines with my phone neither when I use the tracking device which is rarely. And apparently this new machine is just some type of tracking device, sooo, I put Spybot Anti-telemetry on here. I keep track of my own passwords and do not need a record of the sites visited. If I cannot remember the sites must not have been that important. I keep my own list of notations using notepad. Another thing this machine used to have is access to cloud storage. The reason I have 1TB of storage is to keep my own storage locally. I do not copy video because of copyright law. I do not need video stored inside because the whole concept is to purchase a video because of copyrights. Video is what takes up the most storage. I know because as a photographer my local storage doesn't really take up that much room. The open source free e-books from Gutenberg Project do not take up that much room. For me it is all about obeying my own set of goals and rules governing "me." My images have plenty of room. My books the same. Anything I want is already on the Internet. The company the provides my service allows me to connect to this machine via a router. Which I do not use. Wifi is open and not protected by laws governing my privacy. Those beautiful young women that got hacked learned the hard way that privacy is non-existent using wifi and cloud.

My Goal Accomplishments

GARDEN: Have been working in my garden. Boring stuff... just hours of pulling weeds. A good garden takes years to "make" and this is only my second season. Last year it was Bermuda grass that choked everything. This year the grass is under control with London Rockets growing. This encourages me because my garden topsoil is healthier. Desert soil is the top two inches. The London Rockets last year could not root because the soil was too impacted yet the Bermuda grass just spread. The London Rockets this year are everywhere. There is still a lot of Bermuda grass only on top and easy to remove because I removed the root system last year.

Started a nice area for mulch last year. Am contributing to last year's area and have started another area this year. The idea is to create depth and "living" soil. Plus this year I may purchase and add some earth worms... yet am not sure they will survive the hot season.

COMPUTER: Have been working on the computer. Boring stuff... just hours of HTML5 and CSS. Over and over. For instance, this blog post. Am working with an e-book titled, <>"Project Gutenberg's The Histories of Polybius, Vol. I (of 2)." There are a lot of attribution to be given in order to use this book. is the location of the fine people named Distributed Proofreading that assembled the book. There is a lot of front-end coding involved to insure that people get the correct recognition. I have spent at least fifty hours organising the e-book so that when I run it using Chrome it is pleasant in appearance. Over the next few "years" I will add maps, my comments, and visual frills so that I enjoy reading the first and hopefully second volume.

In addition, I have purchased a domain name and will begin using it soon. Am just a beginner so do not know how to explain this any better at the moment. Purchased server space from GoDaddy and am using the free basic Word Press container. So I am staying active with computer but really need to review and continue further with my lessons. It's all about motivation (I just would like to feel better).

EXERCISE: Have been working on keeping up an exercise routine. Boring stuff... just trying my best. Have discovered the need to walk more. Almost didn't make it to the bus stop the other day. At least I am not losing my balance as much. Will admit that I have slacked off because exercise is not very entertaining, yet I really need to continue.

PHOTOGRAPHY:Have been capturing images. Boring and am trying to keep it interesting.

New Desktop Background

Made the most excellent hamburger dinner the other night.

Mash the hamburger together with the spices. Thoroughly. With a lid. Cook out the fat and impurities within the meat: both sides. Then complete the cooking in the olive oil until done. Turn off the heat and melt the cheese onto the piece of cooked meat using the heat of the pan and lid.

  • one-half pound of ground beef
  • bread,mayo and sweet pickle relish
  • tato tots
  • sliced of genuine mild cheddar cheese
  • one tbsp of worchestershire sauce
  • one-tbsp of diced pepper
  • one-half tsp. of salt
  • one-half tsp. of garlic powder
  • one-half tsp. of chili powder

  • two tbsps of olive oil

And put everything together for proper presentation like I have shown below. This is one of the best burger combinations assembled around here in quite a while. I hope that the meat only came from 3000 different animals and not the usual 5000 different animals. This is why I drain the grease and impurities before adding olive oil to finish frying.

If anyone reads this would really appreciate a comment. Will respond.

Small/fine print of course!!
It is illegal to rate the quality of the products we purchase in America and the outlets that offer products in America.
This blog post is a PARODY.

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