Monday, February 27, 2017

February 2017 Transition



Over time, I have noticed that my creativity alongside my artistry comes in surges... I don't know how else to describe it. For about the last seven to eight days I have been shrouded in negativity. This attitude was created by me because I was not getting out nor following my "list." Why? Then it struck me, "Maybe this is just the way creativity works with me and there is no reason to be having a negative attitude. One thought that has been rolling around inside my head

Creativity is about quality.

And quality is not measured in quantity over a short period of time. There is no deadline. It is not a assembly line job: this would be saying that quality is mass produced Chinese junk(this isn't a poor evaluation)... Americans purchase their products so it must be well thought out and the best approach because Americans think before acting... over the shortest period of time, for the least amount of effort. At this very moment I am thinking of the Roman Roads built centuries ago compared and contrasted with our Interstate Highway System. Our IHS suited its purpose for the time. Yet is crumbling. Both the Roman construction and our IHS are masterpieces. Yet, am looking deeply at quality. Myself, considering the geopolitical atmosphere when our IHS was constructed and the time frame in which the IHS was necessarily constructed... the System is a masterpiece. It is important that we systematically replace the IHS, a fact! Yet what are our choices going to be?

A Good Example

I just got home from k-Mart. $21.00 worth of items. Purchased a pair of jeans made in Bangladesh (not manufactured inside Communist China). Riveted pockets and such, appeared to be a fine pair of cheap throw-away jeans. When sewing the belt-line hole to latch the pants at the waist, the pants were manufactured with the release hole too small. So when the main latch was riveted into the hole,... the pants wouldn't open. I couldn't even open the pants to wear them. Sheesh! And the style of the cut. Yuck~! The belt-line in back is so low that they feel like and appear to be riding on my ass instead of the waist. Speaking of construction workers showing their crack when bending over? For working men this is an excusable fact of the nature of their hard labor. Yet I am just a slow-moving disabled old man. The pants look and feel like they are sliding down and coming off. Will need to start shopping for throw-aways at the local thrift store. For me, each and every penny counts. The Thrift Store would probably get me two used pair for the price of one pair ("new" and worthless from K-mart).

Sear's, K-mart, and American-Made Products

Small/fine print of course!!
It is illegal to rate the quality of the food we eat purchased in America and the dry goods outlets that offer products in America.
This blog post is a PARODY.


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