Friday, February 3, 2017

Commitment To Excellence III

Commitment To Excellence III

Third Post

This is my third post in a row about (I guess) my commitment to excellence. Really am going to stick with it and keep posting ideas. This way my hope is that I do not lose track of what I am doing. Completed my exercised for the day. And completed everything on the list in my CTEII post. Can refer to it in order to develop my habits. Need to nap right now and when I wake up will clean my floors. Ohhh Wow. What an exciting life, hey? In addition, need to continue developing my chili con carne book and have some neat images of some electric linemen (linepersons?) at work I need to study. Will do a bit of research to find information about their job to add to the image descriptions. Their work seems very complex.

  • Health:
  • Did the list of exercises this morning before my nap, and had plans to go to the doc's office for a prescription. It may be too late in the day.
    UPDATE: 1822 hours: just got home from the bank. Had to withdraw cash for rent. Now I am set for another month. On the way home from the bank I stopped at Cashman Field Center. This has a point in the parking lot that overlooks Northeast Las Vegas. Captured some nice images displayed below.

    While researching these mountain images I came across an excellent site that I decided to share. Take a look because it shows where my images fit.

    Pass Leading Between Sunrise and Frenchman Mountains

    In the distance to the left is Sunrise Mountain (the much smaller mountain) and to the right is Frenchman Mountain. Lake Mead Blvd. leads between the two heading out toward Lake Mead.

    Gass Peak

    Following the line of the Washington Avenue entrance into the Cashman Field Center it points to the Las Vegas Range of mountains with Gass Peak standing highest. In the future I intend to get a better view.

  • Computers:
  • CSS Work On The Last Blog Posting

  • Gardening:
  • Need to get out this morning. Am just waking up and having coffee. Doing my morning stretches first.

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