Thursday, February 9, 2017

Healthy Hacking - Motivation II

Healthy Hacking - Motivation II

Am highly motivated today. Had a lot happen during the past twenty-four hours. And I can feel the "new" muscles I discovered yesterday. I am starting my exercise list. 0934 hours.

I have been working on a lot of things that have taken time away from blogspot. My brother bought me a new Dell Inspiron 3650 desktop. With keyboard and mouse. Proprietary, yet new. Am so excited and thankful. Have obtained a domain at which I will have as of March 11th. Purchased WordPress, Sitelock (I think it is named), and some type of Office from GoDaddy. Will have my own e-mail and site. Have chores and other basics to maintain... and gardening. Am hoping to get out tonight to capture some images. In the meantime am going to present some ofmy favorite Caesar's Palace images... am very thankful to live in this community. "Viva Las Vegas" [Elvis].

Caesar's Palace

Elvis lived at Caesar's from time to time as well as billionaire Howard Hughes. It is awesome if thought about.

Please do remember that any image I have is for sale. Am a member of and Smugmug. Each of those sites have framed images available to order. If there is an image of something in Las Vegas you would like leave a comments below. Caesar's Palace at night would look very nice as a wall center-piece... say one meter by 1.5 meters, framed.

The same image as above, yet adjusted. The images belong to me and this enables me to "do" anything I would like with them.

Quite imposing, hey!!

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