Thursday, February 2, 2017

Commitment To Excellence II

Commitment To Excellence


  • Health:Posted a series of blogs, Hacking Health about quick eating. And healthy. Foods that allow me to concentrate on my coding, do not interrupt my attention and concentration, and are quick. Today, I had a sandwich with a side of steamed broccoli. Will do exercise as soon as I get up from my nap. Below is an image of the broccoli.Now, does that look good or what. Took about two minutes. For some reason I have developed a taste for just plain broccoli. Maybe with a touch of salt.
    UPDATE: 3 February 2017. Copied my list of exercises from my earlier post, Hacking Health - Staying Power and added it to this post using copy paste. In order to remind myself of what I should be doing daily. Have been doing most, yet am glad that I copied this list because some have been missed.
    • List of My Exercises

    • 20 sit-ups:
    • I use a pillow to keep my tailbone from digging a hole through my skin. I do the exercises slowly and using "form". Am remembering when I first began this endeavor, exercising, that I could not complete my first sit-up without pulling myself by cheating. Now I do 3 sets of twenty.

    • 20 right leg-lifts:
    • Am crippled and deformed a bit on my right leg, so I concentrate on this appendage. When I began, was able to lift my right leg, so have been trying and strengthening it. I do 3 sets of 20 reps.

    • 10 ab leglifts:
    • 20 right-side leg-lifts
    • 20 adductor squeezes:
    • Over the past year or so I have been experiencing major discomfort in this area. I put a pillow between my legs and squeeze. 3 sets of 20 reps. Hopefully, this will help me decrease the pain. It really is quite extreme.

    • 5 Push-ups:
    • It is embarrassing to be able to do so few, but I am sticking with it. When beginning I could not do a single push-up. Now, I am proud to say (quietly) that I am able to do 5 push-ups on demand! Did 3 sets of 5 push-ups.

  • Computers:Have started a lesson at And am using a lot of the information I have learned from this course to write this post (not this particular lesson because Blogger over-rides any properties I might use from this lesson). Am just noting that I am honoring this commitment.Another thing I noticed? The list items noted in my "list of exercises... the list-style-type is circle instead of disc. I guess that Blogger's CSS over-rides mine by default because it is a 2nd list. Sort of like a child list of the other commitment list parent. I don't know?
  • Gardening:Below is the couch that Dimas and I loaded into the dumpster. It took us both because it was so darn heavy. I live in a good spot where people driving by just toss their big stuff because they feel like breaking the law unseen.I shared an image of Dimas in the earlier "Commitment To Excellence post 31 January2017.During the next couple of days I will be cleaning up my yard for Spring. Every year I put it off until it is too late and miss the first couple of weeks of Spring growth.Not this year.
  • Photography:Have captured a few images today and used two in this post. Yaaaay! Had some image on the camera for my chili book. Am going to organise the stuff from the 2016 folder and move it into 2017. Have moved the chili images into the correct folder and am tidying up another. Need to edit the chili images. But am right in the middle of composing this blog, exercising, and thinking of something quick and healthy to eat.

  • By the looks of the last statement inside the Photograpy commitment... this blog is going to be an all "day" thing. Currently, it is 0330 hours on 3 February 2017, so, it is not really day.

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