Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hacking Health - Quick Hot Sandwiches

hacking Health - Quick Hot Sandwiches

Hacking Health - Quick Hot Sandwiches

Leftovers put to good use

Chili, Guacamole, and Cheese

I purchase big bags of bread on sale

Hot Chicken Spread

These next quick hot sandwiches are egg, meat, and cheese omelette.

Hot Quick Omelette Sandwiches

The white bowl has three chicken eggs stirred/whisked together with about two tablespoons of milk with garlic powder (not garlic salt). The pan is getting hot and there is my spray oil so the eggs don't stick. Two patties of squashed together meat, diced tomato, and two green/spring onions I cooked. Below the ingredients have been placed on the egg wrapping before "the fold."

Melt the cheese

"The Fold"

Cut in half and bread the omelette.

Had some left-over homemade chili with beef one morning when I was in a hurry.

Chili Con Carne Sandwiches

My idea is to share sandwiches (meals) that are warm to hot and quick. When I am texting blogs, my mind is moving and one thing I don't like is losing my train of thought. So a quick healthy meal is good. This is a blog I will add ideas into as time passes.

Started going through archives to find examples of fine hot sandwiches. Meals that can be set up and eaten on the fly. No special recipes because the images are self-explanatory. Below is an old favorite. A ground turkey burger. Yaaaay.

A Hot Dog Sandwich

This is one of my favorites. Fried dogs.

I usually end-up using left-overs to make sandwiches. After a quick run up to the market for freah bread.

Loose Meat Sandwiches

Another favorite! Hot turkey with cheese. About $1.50 and homemade. No preservatives nor other folk's handling charges.

Hot Turkey With Cheese

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