Monday, November 14, 2016

Photowalk: 13 November2016

Photowalk: 13 November 2016

Photowalk: 13 November 2016

Went out around 1630 hrs. in order to stock up on tobacco for the month, and walked into the Rock-N-Roll Marathon, on my way to purchase some printer ink. Went to the ATM at a local all-purpose pharmacy and the machine was "temporarily" out of service as opposed to permanently I am guessing. Will need to build my strength and endurance. Have been sitting around too much. Took me until today, 15 November 2016 to recoup from this walk. Beginning just down the street from my apartment, below, rode the bus to the Indian Smoke Shop and then walked to Downtown Fremont Street.

Just down the street in front of a new Internet café, is a nice patch of Fringed Amaranthus. Every year, out of season,I recall how deep the maroon cymes are among this particular patch. As the images below demonstrate.

Amaranthus fimbriatus

Am so very thankful that "this year" the timing worked out to capture an image of this deep, rich red inflorescence.Because it is a weed, they are all over the place. The flowers on the plants in my side yard are a plain green, as last year's image below shows.

Fringed Amaranthus Last Year

My focus became "bridges" as I continued to walk. There is a challenge on Viewbug to show our best image. So I took pictures of a couple of bridges while I was out.

This is an awesome bridge is someone were to ask me. And another.

Those are two awesome bridges!! High-grade engineering if I do say so myself.

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

This image is at the intersection of Bridger at Las Vegas Blvd. at 2106 hrs.Behind the magenta lamp is a group of musicians encouraging the marathoners forward. have read on the Internet that there were over 7000 registered participants that ran the full marathon and the half marathon. Bear with me as I construct this post because there are many images from my own photowalk. Most of the marathon images are around 2100 hrs through 2200 hrs. roughly between say Bridger until Charleston. I had to go East up Charleston in order to ride a re-routed RTCSNV bus.

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