Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Workflow and Follow Through

Workflow Follow Through

Workflow and Follow Through

Have been noticing, that it is fine and dandy to have workflow. Yet, the importance lays in following through with completion of tasks. I am having a lot of uncompleted tasks laying around. Am going to change this. It's been a couple of hours. Have gotten caught up to where I should be. Two more things to finish up and have followed through. Am kind of thinking some sleep may be the next order of the day.

Veteran's Day. Trump is our President along with a Republican controlled Congress:both houses. Quite rare. Have finished cleaning up my medicine cabinet. Should just replace the cabinet, yet I do not think the Landlord will spend the money. Therefore, I painted it. Fixing up this cabinet will give the bathroom a fresh appearance, and it will be more pleasant to start my day by having the area nice.Below is the series of photos showing what I mean.

Medicine Cabinet Before

I removed the sliders because the glass was gone. In this image, I have pulled away some of the old loose paint

Preparing To Paint

After attaching a plastic drop cloth to collect dust, preparation begins. Using a scraper and the sand block in the image below, have removed any loose paint and rust.

19 November 2016 - Update

Have been following through. Tonight have some supplies to pick up at the store and some more indoor chores.

Update: 21 November 2016

Have another project that I followed through with and am going to note because their are other projects I am going to add to this post. A while back, noticed that the top tier of my cabinets needed painting. Got up on the cabinet to scrub them good, also. The entire project took ages, yet I store canned goods up there and got tired of them sticking when I tried to bring down a can to use. Have a "before" image below.

27 November 2016

Today was Sabbath so I refrained from any major work. Tomorrow have to go out for some business and when I get home will apply a second coat of paint to the base of my cabinets in the kitchen. Have added one photo of seven categories to Chrysta Rae's Round 19 Scavenger Hunt. Rules prohibit me from saying much else. Have been editing and doing post-processing of many images. The idea of this post is to remind me to complete tasks and goals which I need to follow through with. I need to do a more thorough job. I can see that.

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